Ordination of Children as Buddhist Monks is Child Abuse.

I am not sure about other religions, but in Buddhism I have seen little children who are not even 10 years who call themselves as Monks. In Sri-Lanka, Burma, Thailand, and in other Buddhist countries you notice this child monk phenomena.

Ordination of little children into priesthood is rather cruel, wouldn’t you say so? In placing myself in their shoes, I can see the experience as a horrible one. Lets walk it: Say I am a 10-year old, and on one fine day, my dad says, “Son, I am sending you to the nearby Buddhist temple so you can learn the great books of Gautama Siddhartha and be a monk from a very young age.”

Certainly, been a 10-year old, I will not know what that would imply, a life long commitment to celibacy, a priest for life, ample limitations due to code of conducts, no married life, no family life, etc. Of course, no masturbation, no teen sex, no sex during adulthood, and bunch of other limitations.

However, in placing myself in the shoes of the parents, I see pride and respect in seen that my son is a monk, though a child monk, but soon he will be a Rev-Monk respected by villagers and relatives alike, and my son is not a financial burden to me now, as I don’t have to raise him, the temple does it for me. The temple cares of his food, shelter, education, and his general well-being, but for that he will be a priest for life, a solider dedicated to spreading and protecting Buddhism. As a parent, I take great pride in seen my son as a monk, though he is a child monk now, but he brings great respect (and money) to my family.

In Sri-Lanka at least I have seen this child-monks form the base of Buddhist power in society. Buddhist monks hold significant influential power in society and politics and that comes with their large numbers. So more child-monks mean more future security, the priestly power will continue with the base covered. It is no more the noble path the Great Gautam sought 2500 years ago, rather, child-monk phenomena is a way to hold onto influential power and prestige by swelling the recruitment base by turning children into monks. Obviously it must be that grown up citizens don’t show up at the temples wanting to be priests, perhaps very rarely, but its unheard of.

The overall well-being of the child is never considered. To justify that temple provides the child with all needs in ample is a cruel argument. Its like saying, I will treat my child servant very nicely and respectfully but still the child must be my servant.

Face it, you Buddha loving Buddhist peoples of this world, Gautama Siddharta himself was a married man when he decided to renounce his worldly life, he was a not a child whose dad decided his monastic fate.

Now some argue that child-monks are so because the kid shows unusual interest and likeness for Buddha and Buddhism, therefore the child is meant to be a buddhist monk. Still, as a parent directing my son’s entire childhood into monastic life is a brutal decision done in utter selfishness. Perhaps its all due to money.

This child-monk phenomena is Child Abuse, absolutely.

Care to learn more: Join Us, lets bring a new world where children can enjoy their childhood and have fun. Let’s give children the best education ever, so they can decided for themselves their future careers. I am sure if the desire to be a monk continues into adulthood, upon growing up, the kid can always enter a monastic life. And that’s perfectly fine, as its not child-labor, actually he is following Buddha himself.

Stop the abusive practice of child ordination ! Stop this child abuse. Equal Money System will end this bullshit forevermore.



Stillness Speaks by Eckhart Tolle is Misleading.

Stillness Speaks, the book by Eckhart Tolle, is misleading because it implies certain none action. You will agree with me, women didn’t get their equality as they enjoy today by been simply Still, no way. You will agree with me, black people didn’t get their dose of freedom by sleeping in Stillness. In fact nothing has ever been achieved by simply been Still, no matter how you define the world ‘Stillness’.

To give Eckhart Tolle the benefit of the doubt, lets define the word ‘Stillness’ to mean silence of the mind, i.e. no thoughts, no backchat within the mind. Now, even if such silence of the mind is achieved, what about all those nasty emotions and feelings that arise from nowhere? What about all those distant memories that comes up so often? What about all those future projections and worries ? What does stillness do when rage and anger takes over? Can stillness of mind save you from rape and murder? Can stillness of thoughts feed your hunger?

Tolle doesn’t answer any of those questions, also give no clues on how to achieve the so-called silence of the mind. Have you tried to silence your mind’s thoughts specially after moments of rage or fear? So how come then ‘Stillness Speaks’ speaks of no actual method to silence the mind for real? Or to act from that so-called Stillness. Eckhart is talking spiritual mumbo-jumbo, where you can say anything and get away with it, it has no practical living implications whatsoever.

At desteni, we don’t just say anything and get away with it. When desteni say end the backchat or silence the thoughts, we do so by providing proper tools and support to achieve such a state of mind. Backchat is a disease, it consumes us all. So, you need proven tools and ample support to reduce the nasty backchats. Stillness is not going to arrive by devoting to expensive gurus like Eckhart Tolle.

In terms of world problems, to speak of Stillness Speaks is just utter nonsense. At desteni we speak of solutions, Equal Money System is a solution to almost every problem in the world, yes, do the math, do the research. Of course, can’t bring the dead back, or turn a man into a women, other than that any practical problem will be solved with Equal Money System. For that speaking, actions, writing, vlogging, and blogging must happen, so Stillness Speaks is not advisable.

Speak Self Forgiveness instead, Speak Common Sense instead, Stand up for life, be a voice for the voiceless, speak and expose the abuses of this system, speak up to birth a new world.

Now you see, Stillness Speaks is utterly useless, it’s a spiritual dope. I bet Eckhart Tolle made millions out of it, indeed money speaks louder than Stillness Speaks. How fucked up is this.

Learn the desteni tools, learn how to end the backchat, how to achieve real stillness of mind, where thoughts, emotions, and feelings are no more, this is an extensive process, you will require hard work and self application. Start with self forgiveness, self honesty, self writing, and get ample support from open desteni forums, and consider studying the desteni-i-process.

And even if you achieve stillness with desteni tools, don’t just let the stillness speak, YOU speak instead, YOU be  the voice for the voiceless. You are the directive principle. You are the force of change. Can’t idle with statements like Stillness Speaks and hope for a better world, no, thats not going to happen. You must act, speak, write, vlog and blog to get things moving. Investigate Equal Money System, investigate desteni.

End the bullshit of spirituality and try something real for a change.

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