I moved to WordPress to blog for Equal Money System.










I have been blogging for sometime now, for a world that is best for all. In these blogs, I share my self-realization, self-forgiveness process and I discuss what is best for all. I have blogged in another blog platform and now I moved to WordPress. I found WordPress has some cool features and it has made my website design pretty cool. WordPress is a small reminder of what humans can do when they take responsibility to bring something good. Many volunteer software developers contribute in producing what is called “plug-ins” which loads WordPress with tons of new software features. Many do so as sheer self-expression to do cool things without getting a penny paid for it. 

Bottom line is, in addition to liking the cool features of WP, I like the principle that makes WP possible,

Equal Money System in place, everyone will take responsibility to manage and maintain this planet and its inhabitants. All will be supported unconditionally, no such things as wages, or profits or survival. 

Life is the only force, as life in the only thing that exist here. So we care, support, work, and produce to support life, very simple actually. So going forward, I will share all my blogs via WordPress, Here I like to thank all those hundreds of WP software contributors to make this cool  blogging tool possible for us all. 

And I am going to blog the hell out of this earth. 

Join us:




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