Working on my Mind-Construct with desteni

It’s a been a while now, so time to wrap up my first mind-construct. I had a chat with my new buddy today, as part of my desteni-i-process course work, we discuss the format of a mind construct and how to align parts within MC together. All this is to layout on paper how a particular mind construct has been playing out. This process helps to identify the basic mind construct components like fear, anger, jealousy, self judgment, hate, rage, etc etc, in relation to various aspects of a given MC. Writing out all that is cool, identifying the BMCCs are cool too, the best part writing out the self-forgiveness and subsequent self-corrective statements so that future repeats of the same mind-construct can be corrected in the physical.

It’s so hard to believe, us humans are just that, robots, living based on a program. Simple as that, a program runs within us, which dictates exactly how you will act or react in a given situation. We live out our lives repeating same patterns over and over again. There is actually no living, just hopping from one pattern to another.

Desteni process gives a real time chance for self correction. But, one must walk it, one must apply the tools. The tools along cannot bring any change to anyone. Desteni tools simply lays out the map, so to speak, but you must walk it.

I have been applying the tool of self-forgiveness for a while now, but haven’t really dug into mind construct writings. I have been putting off the mind construct work for a while now.

So I have one week, to reformat my MC, group things together, and cover all the BMCC, and subsequent Self forgiveness statements and following self corrective statements. When the rubber meets the road, I will be ready with a new program in place.

After all, I decide which program I will accept and allow to run within me. Better to install a program that is life supporting. So I realize the mind construct work I am doing is very important, but for some god damn reason I have been putting them off, now its time to wrap it up.

Investigate the desteni-i-process, thanks.

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