Tale of Trayvon Martin: Racism is an eternal fire unless Self-Forgiven.

There is racism in America, and there is crime in America, mixing the two brings about some of the worse separations in America. So called ‘white-hispanic’ George Zimmerman shot and killed teenager black african Trayvon Martin for reasons only God knows.

Racism is a dangerous fire. Once charged with racism, it is very hard to see the real motive for this crime. Did George Zimmerman shoot Trayvon just because the boy is black? Or did George Zimmerman shoot Trayvon because issues both men ran into on that fateful day?

I am trying to remove racism to see the actuality of the events. But of course it is no solace, killing the kid either as a crime or as a racial crime, both sucks big time. It just removing racism allows more visibility into the actual situation. Now America is boiling in the fire of racism charges and counter-charges, which brings up memories from the olden slavery days. The sins of the fathers are been revisited.

Ask a different question: Can a white man ever kill a black man and not be charged with racism in America? Black police officers shoot and kill white men but don’t get charged with racism (in reverse direction), do they?

So you see, there is no end to the fire of racism, when white and black mix, there is always the possibility of bias, even with all the love Micheal Jordon gets from white america, still he will feel the spark of racism in his heart as the story of Trayvon Martin unfolds. Now George Zimmerman is not really a “white”, he is a new kind of a white, the “hispanic white” who has place themselves in a superior position over the blacks in America apparently.

No matter from which angle you look at this story, you will agree with me: Racism is a fire that cannot be put down. We thought having elected the first black president Barak Obama will end the storms of racism for good in America, nay, the fire is back, nothing has changed in America.

Racism exist within the depth of human consciousness as it is a wall that separates humans. Be it in America or elsewhere in the world, you will find such walls dividing people, so nothing unusual about America, its the human mind that creates and sustains walls of separation. FInd a single country that doesnt’ have a wall that separates people on racial/ethnic/linguistic/cultural lines. Even the humble Nepal boils racially but silently surrender by the Himalayas. Racism boils everywhere.

The black christians are praying for white Jesus, the white christians are praying for white Jesus, I wonder whose prayer will white Jesus listen too? Walls of separation are everywhere, be it race, ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, color of skin, language, region, religion, sects, vegans vs meat-eaters, I mean, it’s a long bloody list of walls to separate humans.

The real problem however lies within the very thoughts we accept and allow within us. Thoughts of separation creates physical separation. What made over 1 million Hindus and Muslims to die the day they got independence? Its their thoughts, beliefs, ideas, opinions, concepts and judgments about each other. The backchats (voice in the head) about each other has created this hell on earth.

There exist a real solution to the eternal fire of racism. I know. I was a racist myself. All my life I hated a specific group of ethnic people, I loved their miseries, I loved their defeats in wars, I mean by all definition of the word, I can safely label me as a racist.

All that changed by apply self-forgiveness. Now I neither love that group nor hate that group, I simply see them and me as one group. It gives me no specific emotional high/low about that group anymore. Perhaps I can say I have equalize myself to them, we are here together, the wall of racism has come down for me from within me, thanks to self-forgiveness.

So George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin and their respective communities, while you boil in the fire of racism, anger, hate etc, just know, you can self-forgive yourself and set yourself free from this eternal fire of racism. Yes, self-forgiveness is a practical resulted oriented solution,

As per Trayvon Martin, the lost of a child is a profound lost, I offer my deepest condolence to his family and friends. Also, in this let’s recall, George Zimmerman too was a child once, hence no point in hunting down for his head, let him face the consequence of the laws. But above all, let George Zimmerman self-realize himself by forgiving himself with all self honesty.

Is it better George Zimmerman be killed or is it better George Zimmerman stand for all life realizing that all life Here is himself? I am sure Trayvon Martin would not wish for the head of George Zimmerman, rather see George Zimmerman as a self-realized self-forgiven man standing for all Life.

Who knows, Trayvon Martin may come thru the inter-dimensional portal and speak to us from the dead as many beings done so far, I mean we all know, only his body has died, not the being, Trayvon Martin. That’s another blog, you can investigate more about it at desteni.org

Join us to end all walls of separation, lets birth heaven on earth. Investigate Self-forgiveness and Equal Money System.

I am Anton Fernando.

Eating with the Pigs – Story of the Prodigal Son.

I am at the moment to listening to prodigal son story┬áretold by Bernard Poolman. Very interesting how the son, the prodigal son, based on his free choice decided to blow away his share of wealth/inheritance. Then, having lost everything he ends up living and eating with the pigs. While in such miserably conditions, the son realizes that he “can” return to his home, and live a dignified life again. But also he realizes that he cannot just show up one fine day and continue his old ways, rather, he has to really change himself first. So the points of self-forgiveness, forgiveness, taking self responsibility etc, are mentioned in the story of the prodigal son.

Over 2000 years ago, Jesus himself told this story and now Mr Bernard Poolman so wonderfully reinterpret the story within the context of self-forgiveness, self-honesty and responsibility.

Another vital point mentioned in the story is, the earth, as an inheritance given to us, yet we are destroying it, just like the prodigal son, we are destroying the earth, so naturally this is leading us to a situation where we may end up eating with the pigs.

The story is very important within the context of personal change and world change,. Lets stop destroying the inheritance that is given to us. Above all, lets stop destroying the inheritance of Life itself. Everyone is a prodigal son, therefore its time for each to return home.

For the real return to home, each of us must self-forgive and self-realize, only then, a true return to home is possible Otherwise, we are heading to live and eat with the pigs.

Investigate self-forgiveness and Equal Money System.

Click here for the story of Prodigal Son told by Bernard, enjoy: