Got Raped? “Learn from it, just smile. Everything Happens for a Reason”

Everything happens for a reason, live it, love it, and learn from it. Make your smile change the world and but don’t let the world change your smile.

Let’s investigate that wisdom from newage teachings a bit more. So for an example, what that wisdom suggesting is, no matter what happens in your life, simply justify it as part of the learning curve, and continue to smile in this world. How interesting is it, can that newage wisdom really stand all cases in our world reality today? Or is it just a feel-good spiritual mumbo-jumbo that provides a quick fix, but gives no real solution to the actual sufferings of our world?

Case in point: women and/or girls get raped in our reality very often, some get gang raped. Now, according to this newage spiritual wisdom, the rape victim must simply “Learn from it, Live it, and continue to smile”, and must remember “Everything happens for a reason”. How pathetic cruel and fucked up is that spiritual newage wisdom?

Another case in point: Many in our reality, in fact nearly 1 billion of them starve each day, and nearly 21,000 humans die daily due to hunger or hunger related diseases. Now, tell a super hungry starving kid, “Learn from it, Live it, and continue to smile”, and remember “Everything happens for a reason”.

Third case in point: When you lose your home due to home foreclosure or sudden loss of employment, now you will find yourself homeless and everything taken by the great Banks of the great countries. Now according to that newage spiritual wisdom simply, “Learn from it, Live it, and continue to smile”, and of course recall that “Everything happens for a reason”.

Easy to preach newage feel-good spiritual wisdom, no wonder newage spiritual industry is thriving with many millionaire gurus and newage talking-heads. They simply offer you feel-good justifications to Accept and Allow your misery (it will even put a smile on your face, of course). Without ever asking real questions as to why such misery is happening in our reality.

Why rape, murder, hunger, homelessness and other monstrosities happening in our world? Why do we accept and allow them? Why do we justify such monstrosities? Is there way to change this reality? Is there way to birth a new earth where all can live in peace and security with assured life support unconditionally?

At desteni, we ask real questions, we question the very darkness that exist in our reality, we don’t offer justifications to accept and allow this misery, rather, we teach how to take self-responsiblity to self and for this world as self. In that process of self-forgiveness and self-honesty, healing is achieved, and victim-hood is transcended, self is able to see what is best for all. Real self-change and real world-change is a self-honest process.

So don’t hide behind all-covering justifications and feel-good spiritual mantras like “Everything happens for a reason”, instead ask what is my self-responsibility here, what did I accept and allow within myself for this to happen. Not suggesting to dwell back into guilt or remorse, no, simply take self-responsibility, self-forgive and become a real human being and take actions to birth a new earth.

Investigate self-forgiveness and Equal Money System.

I am sure you will never say “Everything happens for a reason”, if you’re little girl got gang-raped as it happens to so many in our reality. So stop the bullshit newage spiritual religious nonsense justifications, and instead see what’s really going on. Only we can stop this hell.



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