FEARWEEK at desteni: What are you Fears?

This is fear week at desteni. That means simply list all the fears we have carried within us all along. Dont mistake mental fears for present and immediate dangers. Standing in front of a running train is not an act of fearlessness, it is pure stupidity. Likewise escaping from a running train is not an act of fear, rather an act of self-support. Don’t be stupid, use common sense in listing fears.

One by one all of humanity is living in fear. Most fears are learned during childhood years and get deeply buried within us, manifesting all through out our lives. And of course fears are not without consequences. For example, if you always fear meeting new people, by simple mathematics, it would mean you will be isolated and lonely. Because as you meet someone new you will start to fear them, and the other person sensing your fear will in fact end up doing or saying something to activate your fears. So all you have done is simply manifest your fear of others each time you meet new people. Now imagine you getting married with all that fears within you, rather difficult task to live with another with all that fears unresolved.

Just for the fun of it, try to list all of your fears, can you? Here is my list of fears:

fear of having bad breath.
fear of not having money.
fear of my wife leaving me
fear of my job is ending
fear of losing my bank accounts to hackers
fear of losing my car keys
fear of losing my house keys
fear of smelling bad
fear of having bad body order
fear of dying young
fear of unable to have great sex
fear of having a weak body
fear of not been man enough
fear of not being a rough and tough guy
fear of been fearful
fear of getting hurt
fear of seen as stupid and dumb
fear of seen as ugly
fear of seen as too dark
fear of seen as too skinny
fear of seen as too odd shape
fear of seen as lazy
fear of seen as someone with bad teeth
fear of smiling because i fear how my teeth will look
fear of failing at my job and then getting fired
fear of been alone
fear of living without sex
fear of not having a partner
fear of not having a family
fear of been homeless
fear of losing my brothers
fear of having no relatives
fear of been totally alone and moneyless
fear of been robbed
fear of losing all my money.
fear of losing all my retirement funds.
fear of facing divorce.
fear of losing my health
fear of been unloveable
fear of others getting angry at me
fear of been cheated
fear of people lying to me and cheating me
fear of asking questions
fear of counter questioning them
fear of saying NO to others
fear of losing my wife to another man
fear of been dumped
fear of been childless
fear of been alone for rest of my life
fear of dying in a freak way
fear of flying and dying in plane crash
fear of snakes
fear of big animals
fear dying from hunger
fear of dying
fear of death
fear of diseases
fear of unemployment
fear of been killed
fear of been attacked
fear of ghosts at night
fear of night darkness
fear of sleeping in a new place alone
fear of street people
fear of black people
fear of beggars
fear of sinhala people in sri lanka
fear of army and military men
fear of police
fear of burnt alive
fear of fire
fear of been disliked by so called friends
fear of my phone never ringing
fear of no emails
fear of no new messages therefore isolation
fear of loneliness
fear of isolation
fear of using public toilets at night
fear of walking alone in downtown black areas
fear of drive a car in ‘bad’ areas of town
fear of seen by poor people when i am driving around
fear of been seen as rich by poor people
fear of others getting angry at me.
fear of been scold by others
fear of been blamed
fear of my own anger expounding
fear of losing self control in anger
fear i might say something really nasty and bad and then lose my relationships
fear i may lose my family due to conflict and divorce.
fear of been judged by others
fear of what others think of me.
fear of been disowned by others
fear of been killed because apparently i am bad for others
fear of accused for things i didn’t do
fear of been charged falsely
fear of been blamed falsely
fear of been held hostage falsely
fear of been targeted falsely

Just to list a few. Just imagine how is to live without any of those fears, is it possible?

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