Eating with the Pigs – Story of the Prodigal Son.

I am at the moment to listening to prodigal son story retold by Bernard Poolman. Very interesting how the son, the prodigal son, based on his free choice decided to blow away his share of wealth/inheritance. Then, having lost everything he ends up living and eating with the pigs. While in such miserably conditions, the son realizes that he “can” return to his home, and live a dignified life again. But also he realizes that he cannot just show up one fine day and continue his old ways, rather, he has to really change himself first. So the points of self-forgiveness, forgiveness, taking self responsibility etc, are mentioned in the story of the prodigal son.

Over 2000 years ago, Jesus himself told this story and now Mr Bernard Poolman so wonderfully reinterpret the story within the context of self-forgiveness, self-honesty and responsibility.

Another vital point mentioned in the story is, the earth, as an inheritance given to us, yet we are destroying it, just like the prodigal son, we are destroying the earth, so naturally this is leading us to a situation where we may end up eating with the pigs.

The story is very important within the context of personal change and world change,. Lets stop destroying the inheritance that is given to us. Above all, lets stop destroying the inheritance of Life itself. Everyone is a prodigal son, therefore its time for each to return home.

For the real return to home, each of us must self-forgive and self-realize, only then, a true return to home is possible Otherwise, we are heading to live and eat with the pigs.

Investigate self-forgiveness and Equal Money System.

Click here for the story of Prodigal Son told by Bernard, enjoy:


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