Cosmic Dance of Shiva – The Bogus Hindu Theology.

It is said that the universe including our world is so because of the Cosmic Dance of Shiva. And the icing on the cake is: All is Self.

It suggest that everything is happening due to the divine will of Shiva, hence there is no point crying over anything.  The rapes, the murders, starvation of 1 billion humans, and the deaths of 21, 000 humans due to hunger related diseases, and soaring unemployment, depression, drug addictions, homelessness, prostitution etc, all that hellish stuff goes on everyday, happens because of the Cosmic Dance of Shiva.

Don’t bother to take self-responsibility for the hell on earth because it is the Cosmic Dance of Shiva. Don’t bother to stop prostitution or stop young girls from becoming prostitutes because it is the Cosmic Dance of Shiva, whose omnipotent powers causing all nasty things to happen according to His divine will.

And if your little child got raped or kidnapped, please remember it is the Cosmic Dance of Shiva. So blame Shiva, for He caused your child to get raped or kidnapped.

Something is seriously wrong with such bogus theology, which completely denounces self-responsibility to change this hell on earth. No need to talk any responsibility, just simply say, it is the Cosmic Dance of Shiva. How insanely stupid is that.

All is Self, is a beautiful line, I like it, and it is true, All is Self, All is Life. Therefore, instead of turning a blind of eye with the Cosmic Dance of Shiva theology, we ought to actively seek solutions to end the hell on earth, because All is Life. That also means everyone is responsible for everything here. I am life, so I am responsible for all and everything Here.

Hinduism has utterly failed with that singular theological statement: The Cosmic Dance Shiva. Because it has failed to teach its followers to become self-responsible humans so they can take care of this earth in what is best for all. Everyone is shifting responsibility or avoiding responsibility because fuck yeh, it is the Cosmic Dance of Shiva who is doing all the shit here. Why should I bother!

Enough is enough with evading spirituality. Open your eyes, see this world, see the hell on earth, see the starvation, the murders, the rapes, the tortures, the wars, the suffering of children, see all that goes on, never turn a blind eye for anything, because you are effectively turning a blind eye on yourself. All is Self, yes, take that instead, and do the most responsible thing to end this hell on earth.

Join us, we are destonians, who care to end this hell, and so join us, study us, investigate self forgiveness, and equal money system.

Thanks – Anton Fernando.

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