Watching Daily Catholic Mass on TV

How fucked up is this. My parent watches the daily catholic mass on TV here in Toronto. I find it rather amusing. I guess why not, we watch all kinds of bullshit under the sun on TV, so why not add a bit of catholic bullshit to it.

I mean whats so spiritual or holy about watching mass on TV? Not an actual reality, just like watching a movie, the man, meaning the priest, goes on and on with his customary repetitions with same chants and tunes, while the devotees respond like programmed robots. Say Amen like a robot.

Obviously there is nothing real about this whole religious bullshit you watch on tv, its all a show an entertainment to keep the masses with busy with the holy mass. with a touch of emotional drama of course. And asking for donations is never in short.

End this fucking bullshit mind movie religious feel good religious bullshit. Do something, try something real, investigate self forgiveness, make it a living reality.



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