India without electricity/power: ‘Equal Money System’ is the answer.

When 600 million people are without power, imagine its manifested consequences? surgeries, childbirth, hospital situation, emergency transport, air and land transport, heating and cooling, irrigation, water supply, the entire fabric of society will breakdown/slowdown when there is NO POWER for days on.

Whom to blame? Current management, corruption, negligence, irresponsibility, lack of monitoring, political dishonesty, basic carelessness, as all are motivated by MONEY and PROFIT.

Equal Money System is a new global economic proposal to solve all our problems including indefinite power cuts in any country. Currently, EMS is under research and development in deteni labs, it’s not yet implementation ready, but certainly every responsible world citizen must study it, understand it, and participate in its current research and development stage immediately.

Within the next decade, this proposal will be presented through democracy.

See: Equal Money System 


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