Day 220 – Happy New Year, not.

1 billion people starving daily, and 21,000 dying daily due to hunger or hunger related diseases, over 1/2 if not more of the world population is living under poverty, millions lacking access to fresh drinking water, millions if not billions don’t have proper healthcare, and of course numerous wars are ongoing or on the card leaving millions to live in constant fear and/or losing their lives as casualties of war. Not to mention, unemployment, child labor, child sex, prostitution, homelessness, and a long list of man-made human sufferings, ALL in the NAME OF MONEY.

To say “HAPPY NEW YEAR” your stomach must be full and you must have a roof over your head tonight, and of course you must have $$$, the money. It ain’t a happy new year for a homeless guy, or for someone who got rejected medical treatment because they lack money, or for someone who works at a sweatshop.

Welcome to the real world of money and capitalism, where few have all the fun and most suffer.

Nothing is happy about this world, unless you chose to totally ignore what’s going on, and pretend like All is Well, as the love/light spiritual folks do. This world is in deep shit, because what man has done or doing to man and nature. This is not to Blame but to show that it is our collective and individual responsibility to change course, so start with self.

I invite you to study the message, the real message for humanity at this critical hour, a course correction for self and for the world is presented. If you dare to care, join us.

Lets create a Happy New Year for every living being on earth at some point down the road, and for that you must act Now, study, investigate, write, self-forgive, and walk the Journey to Life.

Thank  you.


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