Day 257 – Knowledge is useless without application.

This is something I have to take to heart, ‘knowledge is useless without application’. All that self forgiveness and self commitment statements I have written will be effectively useless if I don’t LIVE them, so that’s a big challenge. Have to live, direct in the physical reality, where the rubber meets the road as they say.

The best ‘force’ to assist me in this is GOD, yes GOD, the GOD that gives me LIFE, and who is that: Breath. Because simply, if the breath stops I am done. So breathing is the power, the force that can assist me in actually LIVING the change. For this I have to take a moment to actually Breathe and give myself that moment to stop, to enter that infinite moment where I can actually take a look here, the moment and direct myself accordingly. Because now what’s happening is me simply blindly jump into a situation without proper awareness of it. This is where breathing comes handy, not just a handy tool, rather a force for change, a force against resistance, a force against anger, a force against mind’s energies.

So to live any KNOWLEDGE as in application of daily life, the foremost thing to do is breathe, become aware of the breath/breathing, only then I can see/understand the moment here and its contents. As I see/face a situation, or my own mind and its turbulent contents, I could direct myself to actually change, to actually take a ‘positive’ step instead of falling back into the same old preprogrammed behaviour of the past. Same past, same future, basically then future is nothing but the past shit awaiting to happen all over again.

This point is also related to improving communication, LISTEN. LISTEN to my own words, as much as I should LISTEN to another speak. As I hear me, I can ground me in and as the physical. Breathe and enter any moment. As I enter the moment in the physical, where the great dramas await me, then I breathe with awareness, take a moment to slow down, to stop, and in that silent split second moment, I decide/direct myself to ‘change’ in considering what is best for all. Unfortunately even the body over time has been trained to rush in, to do the same of shit. It might even shake and shiver in fear of change, but change it must become. I must live it, in the physical, moment by moment, breath by breath.

Self-forgiveness and self-corrections will assist me releasing the past and scripting a new path, yet I must LIVE it, must put the knowledge into application. For that I breathe every breath with awareness.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize until I breathe with awareness, until I direct myself to breathe every breath with awareness, until I ground myself in and as breath/breathing, I am really not giving myself a chance to LIVE the KNOWLEDGE as actual physical APPLICATION. I see/realize knowledge is useless without application, and that is so much true until I breathe with awareness. Because only through breathing with awareness can knowledge become application, at least there is a chance to.

I commit myself to investigate/check within myself every now and then to make sure I breathe with awareness, so to not get lost in the mind for hours long. I commit myself to return again and again to breathing/breath. I see/realize that when I am not breathing with awareness the whole of me is NOT here, so the mind elements can direct me instead, as they become my second nature, doing things blindly/unconsciously instead of me directing myself to do/live as breath/life.

Breathing with awareness is the secret to change, until then knowledge is useless, because it has no application in the physical as I am lost somewhere in my mind and not here.

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