Day 261 or Day 2610: Daily writing is a Self-Process, not a McDonald’s quick fix to my madness.

Self-Expanding, Self-Writing Course.
Self-Expanding, Self-Writing Course.

In relation to rushing things, its cool to read today that an individual blog is a moment of writing, a point within a day, so one could have multiple blogs in a day. I suppose the point is individual blog is really a unique writing expression/moment/realization. There is no point however in rushing in blogging, or jacking up the numbering of the blogs just to make it appear that ‘I am progressing’. I remember when first started this Journey to Life blogging nearly one year ago (Friday the 13th April 2012 to be exact and oddly enough), I was very eager to get the numbers up, as if I want to lead in numbers within the desteni life bloggers.

WTF. this is really about self, self-realization, self-understanding, self-standing, self-correction, self-forgiveness, taking self-responsibility etc. There is no race to ‘get over there’. Yes this is a 7-year Journey to Life, a minimum of 7 years, but it’s not a race to reach the magic 7 year number. So I direct myself to write point by point, moment by moment, correcting myself on each point instead of focusing on the ‘day number’ of the blog.

Today I could re-title my blog as “Day 2610” and be done with this Journey to Life in an instant fast food McDonald’s style, would it help me or anyone else?

The key is consistency, daily application, committing to write daily, committing to take that time for self, for self-reflection. So to turn this into a number race is not only stupid, but utterly counter productive. So I stop any urge or desire within me to jack up the Day number just to make it appear as if I am making serious progress in this Journey. I stop I breathe.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be concerned about the numbering of the blog just to appear, project an image of ‘making progress’.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize this is a self-process of writing myself to freedom point by point, not a race against anyone to win or show off.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize self-writing is a time for self to self-examine, self-forgive and self-correct, this is not a race, not a show, not a statement of authority or an attempt at popularity, this is a self-journey to correct myself, my mind. in this I see/realize I must direct myself to breathe, slow down, self-reflect and write for myself, to birth myself as life. It would be an utter waste of 7 years if I use this tool/journey to impress others.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize this process, this  journey is for me to look at me, point by point and write myself to freedom, in that I see/realize how stupid it is to turn this into a show off point. I stop I breathe.

I dedicate myself to take a moment every day, to reflect, to self-examine, and then to write about the points I am facing/seen/realizing instead of rushing to produce a blog to impress others, or to jack up the blog number to appease my ego. It could be easily Day 2610 today, would that make any difference to ‘Who Am I’? I am still me, the shit still is within me. So it’s not even the Journey to Life that matters, rather it is that one moment of writing through reflection, self-forgiveness and self-correction here in this ONE MOMENT. And that ONE MOMENT applied daily accumulates slowly but surely over 7+ years.

When and as I see myself rushing to get a blog out, I stop, I breathe, and I direct myself to instead look at a point, reflect on it, examine it, and then correct it with commitment statements and self-forgiveness. I see/realize that rushing through blogging is useless, I see that jacking up the blogging day number to show off an apparent progress self is making is useless.

I stop, I breathe.

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