Day 267 – Thinking about sleeping leads to restlessness and no sleep.

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Join this FREE Self-Expanding, Self-Writing Course.

A short blog tonight.

Lately having some trouble sleeping, I see this is because I start the thinking machine while in bed, instead of just resting, relaxing and breathing with the body.

Once the mind started to run, it can run all night leaving me sleepless, restless and tired, which is what I experienced lately. I mean sleep time is end of the day, end of activities, a time to rest, it is so stupid to waste the resting time by thinking or worry about stuff.

Sleeping is a like a mini death, so might as well enjoy the mini death till the morning. A mini death would imply putting all issues and mind stuff to rest as well, no point thinking about them during the mini death. In fact sleeping time must be used to breathe with full body awareness, rest with the whole body sort to speak. No point in hurrying to sleep, rushing to sleep, or thinking about sleeping or this or that, its a time to sleep, time for a mini death, time to leave all things behind till the morning, I mean, there is nothing I can do about anything anyways, bloody hell I am in bed awaiting a deep sleep. And its a cool time to actually practice full body awareness and full body breathing, breathe as if the whole body is breathing.

Last night its the late night caffeine that kept me up, but I didn’t help myself either, I kept on thinking and thinking about shit, and in the whole time I was worried that “I am not sleep yet”. So I see/realize sleep time is like a mini death, a time to put all things to rest, and rest the body really, and what way to rest the body, is by breathing with the whole body.

I direct myself to breathe with the whole body to rest myself before sleep.

I direct myself to scan from the head to toes in that to support myself to keep the awareness in the body instead of thinking some shit.

I direct myself to support myself to use this ‘sleep time’ to be a moment where I can really rest and be in the body, instead of using that time also to THINK.

I direct myself to realize that after having abused the body all day by thinking, sleep time is a time to heal by breathing and resting, it’s certainly not a time to think more of the same shit like daytime.

I direct myself to keep my awareness throughout my body in that to support myself to remain within.

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