Day 281 – Private Writings: Write 1000 words a Day to keep the Devil Away.

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Join this FREE Self-Writing Course.

Private Writing is something I don’t want to share in public space, and I have discovered lately this Private Writing is of great assistance. Some shit I carry within me is bit too much for public sharing. And lately I have come to enjoy and realize the power of private writings (thanks to DIP lite free course lessons).

It’s for the first time, I am writing ENTIRELY within a personal space, absolutely nobody will ever read them, and in fact I don’t even save the document. So today, I wrote about 1000 words about a sad subject, I had been feeling sad about something lately, it was becoming a bit too much, so I typed a way 1000+ words, just RANTING and RAVING, and some self-forgiveness.

The point I want to share tonight here is making Private Writing also a daily activity. This is in addition to my Journey to Life daily blogging. I feel my private, more expressive, more open daily writings will assist me in JTL as well.

So call it a private blog and a public blog, a private Journey to Life and a public Journey to Life.  I mean somethings I am just not comfortable sharing in public spaces, so viola, I found a solution to that too.

I realize I must make this Private Writing a daily activity, without taking too much time on it, as no need for formatting, or linking, or posting, anything like, mere typing time only, so I think it will be very fast, and quick, may be 30 minutes max. but its value is invaluable, as I found it now.

I have not been much of a writer, it’s a new thing to me, happened only since meeting desteni. So trying out this private writing is a cool discovery for me.  It’s like going to the toilet to release private matters. Now I know I have found a nice little tool for myself.

I commit myself to do this Private Writing every day.

I commit myself to at least write 1000 words in my Private Writings every day.

I commit myself to ground myself in this private writing habit so to assist myself in my overall blogging and writing skills.

I commit myself to every day sit down for 30 minutes and give myself that private moment, to do some private writings, at least 1000 words.

I commit myself to see/realize private or public writing matters not, it’s in fact only a matter of self-intimacy, self-correction, self-forgiveness, and self-release. It’s all about becoming blunt, real, and truthful to self, and in that developing self-trust.

I commit myself to see/realize that I have to do this Private Writing business for at least 21 days consecutively to get into the groove of things. So that it becomes my 2nd nature.

In this I see/realize, this is all about becoming self-honest, private or public, writing is mere a tool to dig my shit out, in a self-honest, real way. No hiding, no bullshit is possible. I have a subtle feeling that: is private writing/blogging more honest than my public blogging? That’s not acceptable, both are equally self-honest and real, it just some content is more shitty in nature, so I call it ‘private-writing’, also, it’s done in a quick and fast manner, in a shorter time, a quick therapy sort of. But this must be done daily.

I commit myself to write my private writings daily, at least 1000 words, bit like a quicky.

Its true, an apple day will keep the doctor away, but what will keep the devil away? I say write your shit out daily. Here the devil is merely your own acceptances and allowances. And you can slay your devil privately or publicly, some demons are so shitty its easy to slay them in private. 

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