Day 283 – At Death Breathing Stops. So Breathe with Awareness.

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I have to breathe with awareness; this is a point I have to return again and again, I mean, breathing with awareness is a basic step in birthing myself as LIFE through the physical. The breath is here, its available right here, right now, no time is needed, as I am breathing right this moment. So grounding myself in this in-breath and out-breath is the key. I mean without grounding myself here in this breath, I would only be manipulating myself. There is no way out of this breath, I have to face and direct this breath. And that is possible only when breathing with awareness. Just shallow breathing is not cool, because shallow breath will not stop the MOVIE in the mind. I am breathing.

Not breathing with awareness would also mean living a life of a movie, a running movie we call it LIFE, but really it’s a movie, thoughts, emotions, feelings, ideas, photos, pictures, memories, fears, hurts, angers, projections, blame, mind characters and all that exist because I am NOT breathing here with awareness.

Breathing is a moment of self-intimacy, when done with awareness. I mean it requires self-application, it requires stepping outside the thinking box, the pre-programmed BOX, called the mind. So easy to live the in the box, so EASY to follow the mind, the box, no wonder they say ‘think outside of the box’. It’s about thinking with BREATHING, and expanding awareness.

I am awareness, I am breathing, but am I aware of the whole breath? Am I aware of the in-breath, and the out-breath; am I holding the breath for a second or two for that infinite moment? That holding point is cool, because it really assists in cutting the stream of thoughts, the MOVIE. Otherwise just non-stop continuous stream of thoughts running like a river, endless, unceasing, even in sleep I am thinking.

I don’t remember any thoughts from yesterday, or the day before, last weekend, last month, last year, last decade, nope, I don’t’ remember a thing, but I know one thing, that I WAS THINKING for sure during those times endlessly. I mean I have been thinking every living moment of my life so far. What a shame. Never took a break from thinking. That’s why breathing with awareness and putting that 1-2 second pause is cool, vital breaks in the movie. Pausing at the both ends of the breath is bit challenging, but wow, what a way to STOP the movie, the mind. At least 1 pause must be applied, in-breath, pause, let go.

What is life: Set of breaths. I wonder if the number of breaths in a life could be counted, let me do a small math here: from Google I see on average 20 breaths per minute. So; 20 x 60 x 24 x 365 x 80, that’s the number of breaths on average for 80 years of living, some 780+ million breaths a lifetime. BUT NOT a single breath was taken with AWARENESS, it is completely an AUTOMATIC mindless job, wow, what a waste.

And what happens during those AUTOMATIC breathing? I simply get lost in the mind, gone somewhere, thoughts, emotions, feelings, ideas, fears, worries ,anxieties, lust, greed, anger, jealousy, suspicious, doubt, hate, rage, desires, wants, needs, competition, laziness, lethargy, depression occupies the mind, and it would take only ONE breath to ACT out on some stupid instant mad craziness which could even lead to murder. See everything happens in ONE breath, explosion of accumulated mind energy happens in ONE breath. That’s why breathing with awareness is the KEY.

What a waste to just breathe automatically and be unaware of every single breath, and in that let the body get consumed by the mind. Yes that’s what happening during thinking, the mind consumes the physical BODY, the substance. So it’s a slow death coming with each automatic breathing/thinking.

So living with awareness is a key, and that starts with Breathing, breathe with awareness. I direct myself to pause after each in-breath, because I see/realize it will assist me in stopping the mind movie, and it will assist me in establishing stability and expanding my awareness. Yes this is a key challenge for me, to PAUSE after each in-breath, I mean for sure, that will slow down the automation. I direct myself to breathe with awareness, by pausing at the end of each in-breath. I see/realize otherwise the mind MOVIE will start, with pictures, thoughts, emotions, feelings ever ready to jump in and take the center stage within my mind, so the mind can feed of my physical body.

Take one breath with awareness, see the difference. I am here, I am intimate with myself, I am aware of myself, I can see HERE, I can see thoughts are looking jump in, emotions are looking jump in, same with feelings. At last, I have the realization, I am HERE in this moment, at least in this one moment of breathing.

I commit myself to pause at the end of each in-breath. I commit myself to pause/HOLD the breath because I see/realize that will assist me in STOPPING the MOVIE in the mind, where I am just a clown/character/joker until the show ends at death, and then I am no more.

I commit myself to slow down, I commit myself to realize that this breathing act is absolutely vital to do with awareness, otherwise I am just wasting away remaining millions of breath, then one fine moment, all is GONE, OVER, as death stops the breath. It’s like a bank account of breaths, as I keep withdrawing, the deposit is shrinking, common sense. Someday soon none will be left, DEATH will be HERE. And then what? Having listened to so many life-reviewer interviews I know, death is not a welcoming thing, better to LIVE and get the job done here. I am here now, I am alive, so might as well breathe with AWARENESS, and direct myself to self-change and world-change.

No change is ever possible without BREATHING with awareness. That’s the basic starting point: The breath: I breathe.

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