Day 309 – Some thoughts on: Writing, Breathing and Wasting Life.

Good to do some self-writing daily. I have been doing both public and private blogging (just writing out my shit only for my eyes); I find it very much assisting. Usually like to start the day with that, as I am often in a ‘bad mood’ in the mornings, only god knows why, so writing it out helps. Kind of cleaning the mind out. Carrying all that shit is pretty heavy stuff. I have been some what consistent in daily writing, though have missed about 50+ days since I started this Journey to Life. Indeed a journey to life.

I listen to interviews as well; I mean loads of support there, to live a full life, the whole life that includes me and the rest of existence. I mean just living for my own selfish needs is what I have been doing all these years, and now that’s changing a bit, thanks to the Journey to Life I am walking. But yes it is hard work, dedication, application, breathing, writing, not-reacting, placing self in the shoes of another, but it’s all worth it, to live a life that will birth what is best for self and all.

But when I think of the long road yet to walk, it’s kind of ‘wow’ thing, but hey, I am walking, with each passing day I am recommitting and rededicating to this process, to my life. And all that starts with breathing. I wrote about Hara Breath yesterday, I have been trying that a few times today, it’s been cool. Again committing myself to breathing as in hara breath as self-support throughout the day, I have seen it now, and it is assisting me, grounding me here.

Margret, the ex-PM is gone, I mean laid to rest in peace today. Wow what a woman,  what did she achieve anyways, well whatever she did or didn’t do, cannot say that she had principle of ‘what is best for all’. She was just a leader, apparently leading, I wonder where these leaders of ours are leading us to. On the one hand we cannot blame leaders, they are like frogs in the well, their operating within their limited understanding, their surviving at any cost. Do they really know what is Equal Money System and ‘what is best for all’ principles are? I doubt it. So in this I see/realize that I have the responsibility to share the message of desteni, and equal money system with the rest of the world, so all of us can learn, understand and therefore create a new world system. But it starts with me, as I write daily, as I breathe, as I stop my mind, as I not let the mind rule me, as I stop the reactions, emotional charges, I become a living example of how to change the human nature. As 1+1+1 many folks gather, we as a group will grow and become ONE voice, presenting a solution that is best for all. I am sure if Madam Margret had a chance to learn/understand and walk the desteni message/process she would too be a VOICE for ALL. So I am walking this process, with dedication, with application, with commitment, writing morning and evening, reading blogs, listening to eqafe, breathing, so that I can be an effective example overtime.

Because the last thing I want to hear at the end of the line is that I wasted my life, so yeh no waste, not acceptable. Most people will agree wasting life is uncool, but we will disagree on what is a productive life. For some it may mean loads of money, power, sex, family, religion, all that. Not to say those are bad, but must contribute to self-change and world-change. At least for me, my life from now on would be a waste if I don’t’ really with dedication walks this process, so that I can actually LIVE my life, in full, in wholeness. Live a full life, not giving into sadness, pityness, to anger, to sorrow, to lust, to rage, all that mind-addictions, instead LIVE the life in what is best for self and all.

I have to look at my life, how and where I am actually wasting anything, how I am wasting time, how I am wasting money, how I am wasting away my body by living in the mind, how I am not caring for my body, how I am not honoring/caring my body, etc, I mean I have to look all aspect of my life. Be it at work, at home, in my relationships, in my travels, in my day to day routines, and see/realize how to live without wasting. Of course the primary life waster is living in the mind, not here, not breathing, not here with the physical body.

Self-fulfillment is here, in and as breathing with awareness, in that no waste exist, I am here, as life I am here, so how can there be a waste? Of course, can waste time in the mind, in giving into the mind, in giving into the excuses etc, living the old patterns is a waste, and here I have the chance, I am alive, that’s the greatest chance to birth myself as life, the tools are here, the desteni support system is here, I mean everything is here to support me, and if I still chose to live in the mind, now that’s a waste. So I direct myself to breathe and live breath-by-breath HERE, ground myself here, become physical, be here, breathe, give as I like to receive, consider what is best for all, write daily, share this message far and wide.

I mean, why the fuck do I live? Just to eat, sleep, fuck and make money? I mean there is more to life than that. I want to live so that not a breath is wasted, not a moment is wasted in the fantasy of the mind, and I want to live to birth a new world, a new earth. So this one life, I am taking it seriously, so that I can actually focus on my rebirthing process, not just to live in the emotions of the mind.

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