Day 314 – Some words about Self-Responsibility.

Self-responsibility is a key thing that I have overlooked in my life, meaning I have a limited application of it, not seen/realizing that in every breath one must be self-responsible and that means a whole lot. Everything that goes on in the head I am responsible for, cannot let even a thought to take over because in doing so I am abdicating my self-responsibility. And self-responsibility must be absolute meaning it must apply to every sphere of life, not just at work or home where the stakes are high.

Even walking down the road on a beautiful summer day, it is my responsibility to sees what kind of thoughts, desires, feelings, and judgments I am allowing within myself. It’s all too easy to judge, blame, label others and have thoughts of desire.

Cannot ask others to take self-responsibility for myself, I mean, I have to breathe for myself, I have to care for my life, self-care, self-dedication, education, employment, physical well-being, future planning, career, I mean the whole of my life is my responsibility. The push to get things done must come from within me, not from others. Nor from any form of fears.

Thoughts, emotions and feelings are the number one area I have to pay attention to, and take responsibility for. Just living in the luxury of the mind is so easy but consequential, either the body is depleting or energy outburst can manifest anytime.

I have always justified my reactions based on what others are saying to me, meaning “he said that, she said this” kind of a logic, clearly showing no self-responsibility whatsoever. Other people have their own minds, and they have not heard anything about how the mind works etc, so reacting to them in-kind is irresponsible. I have to see myself as the Responsible ONE in any situation, in considering what is best for all, including those who throw stuff at me. If anything my reactions must be supportive to others, me going around breaking down others in the name of ‘eye for an eye’ theory is totally selfish and irresponsible. I have to be the Responsible One, be an example, and show how to take responsibility even if it is totally justified to hit back. 

These are basic stuff, the golden rule is a teaching of many ancient masters including Jesus. If I am going nuts and bananas and throwing emotional shit at others, how would I like others to treat me/support me? In-kind or in a common sense way so that I can cool down and self-realize what I am doing/saying? In-kind treatments, reactions are blind leading the blind, as there is no Responsible One here.

So easy to attack others, I mean so many reasons, justifications, arguments; one can use to pound others to break them down. That’s the tic for tact, eye for eye way of living/existing in this world. Basically war mode of living, not just between nations but among Peoples too. It’s the basic survival pattern of self-feeding the mind energy at any cost, GIVE ME ENERGY, GIVE ME SEX, GIVE ME MONEY, all of which are energy feedings for the mind for which even wars are justified. 

So here I am having walked a quite journey in my life, I see/realize how I have never taken self-responsibility for my mind, meaning, the thoughts, emotions and feelings always had the last say, I just took orders from them, instead me considering what is best for all in any giving situation and directing the situation in what is best for all. I mean nobody has these kinds of understandings/realizations in this world, as everyone is busy trying to survive, desteni is the only group that is teaching things like self-responsibility, ‘what is best for all’, kind of principles.

I am fortunate to have learned and understood these principles and now time to live them for real. Have caused too many damages already, it’s time to stand up, meaning it’s time to take self-responsibility for my life, for all parts of my life, for my mind, for my emotions, feelings, thoughts, bloody hell for everything about me, all of me, everything I touch I am responsible for. I am responsible for this earth, as I am standing on it, walking on it, living on it, at least I should be a responsible earthling care for Mother Nature, show some responsibility for it, paying rent is for the landlord, not for the earth. I mean, what is my responsible contribution to this earth? Earth is allowing me to walk on it, and what is my contribution to it, nothing, just abuse her as much as I can to make a profit.

Job, relationships, family, career, health, investments, I mean for everything I am responsible. Of course my mind I am most responsible for, as it has been my little round headquarters of troubles.

Blame is a great sign of not taking responsibility, and blaming the blamers is a sign of not understanding/considering/caring for others, I mean as ‘they do not know what they are doing’, so I must be the Responsible One, I must be the example to show how to stand as a responsible one, even in the face of so-called evil. It’s so easy to blame the evil people for everything because in that I don’t ask the question what was their life’s timelines that brought about their so-called evilness, and how can it be corrected.

Punishment is not the answer, which is what I had done, so easily I punish others; break them down, instead of understanding/realizing where they are come from and showing them there is another way, not by preaching but by living the self-responsibility. For that I would require intense self-awareness, again back to breathing.

I mean look people like Bernard at desteni, he is willing even to understand the demons in the demonic dimensions, he understood them, spoke to them, listen to them and taught them self-forgiveness through which the demons could set themselves free, hence even the mother of all evil Hitler became My-key, the key to cleaning up the demon dimensions through self-forgiveness, self-realization, self-honesty and self-responsibility etc. Do you know even the demons are more self-responsible than us humans? (See for on how this happened).

What Bernard basically did was show a way of living that is by being self-responsible for self and for all, and that includes all the demons you can imagine. So what to speak of people in my day to day life. Goes without saying, self-responsibility is a great thing, almost like a benevolent thing, because it allows understanding, caring, teaching by example, and doesn’t  judge, blame, scold, fighting, wars etc, eye for eye is not a responsible principle, ‘what is best for all’ is.

I am responsible, I am self-responsible meaning I must consider what is best for all, and in that so easy to see my nasty thoughts, emotions and feelings are not what is best for all, as they only serve one master, the mind, not life.

So I am here, breathing. join us.



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