Day 317 – Try: Breath awareness, and Body awareness.

Listening to death research interviews done by is really cool. One of the points I got was, how the body is left to die by itself, while the mind conveniently ditches the body in the final moments. Having sucked the substance/life energy out of the physical body for the whole life-time, the mind will ditch the body; mind is only concern about itself. So one of the dead beings said that he missed his body, watching it die away piece by piece, part by part, organ by organ. And the mind is detached from the suffering. The person expressed great regret for missing his body, not being able to be with his physical body anymore, it’s gone now. So that’s cool realization to hear.

So here I am a living being, I have a mind, and I have a body. My body is alive too, I am touching my body, here it is, it’s here, I mean, it’s the vehicle through which ME operates, I am able to sit, type, eat, walk, drink, sleep, live etc because I have this BODY, wow, and at the end this body will be no more, it will return to dust. I will just have to watch my body perishing away.

So when the beings said that they miss their bodies, that was a cool realization to hear. I mean, we often hear “oh I miss them, I miss her, I miss him” etc, but never “oh I miss my body”. That apparently will come at death, as you cross over, as you leave your body behind, and YOU will see your body dying away. And the mind will see that too.

Anyways, what’s important to take from that interview is that BE WITH THE BODY HERE NOW, I mean why wait for death to ‘appreciate/acknowledge’ the body.  The physical body is part of the physical existence. I mean I exist here because I have a physical body, whereas in the afterlife no more physical body, just the beingness of ME only.

How to appreciate this body I have here/now? Besides all the common sense stuff to care for the body, the most important thing is to be intimate with the body, and do that by breathing with awareness. Breath awareness stops the mind, and that stops the depletion of the body. The biggest tormentor of the human body is THINKING/FEELINGS/EMOTIONS. The production of mental, emotional energy by using the physical body. Breathing with awareness stops all that. With Breath-awareness comes body-awareness. So that’s the key, breathe, and stop the mind, be intimate with the body, meaning pay attention to the body.

Getting stuck in the head is no act of care for the body, that’s a gross negligence of the human body. Be in the body often as you can. Breathing is the bridge to the body. Breathing also help to slow down the moments, which can greatly assist into looking at the moments before reacting.

So easy to get caught up about something, and the mind is always ready to feed juicy material for thinking. Able to say NO, and breath is the key. I mean, once participated in the mind it can go on and on and on and on. Have to stop it, breathe, be in the body.

Getting into the body is the access point to realize the oneness and equality of this physical existence. I mean how would you communicate with a butterfly? Can’t do that from the mind, otherwise we would equally and one communicate/understand the animal kingdom.

I realize my mind is a parasite, a white-light kind of a thing, it wants LIGHT and LOVE, at any cost, I mean that’s why thinking, fighting, arguing, feeling, all that so addictive. Keep on feeling, keep on thinking, it’s an addiction. And the mind controllers feed us enough to keep us stuck in the mind. Body awareness is not taught, in fact discouraged by religions (they say body is not real, only the soul/atman/afterlife is real, this physical is unreal). Fucked up reverse spirituality. The real spirituality is grounded in the physical body.

Yet the mind is not an enemy, thoughts are not enemies, I mean that would be separation, I am all of it, I am my thoughts, my mind, my consciousness, my emotions, my feelings, my body, I am me. Yet I see/realize I cannot allow the thoughts as me to have its way. It’s like training a naughty child, no matter how naughty the child is, it’s still your child, can’t disown the child, have to discipline the child, direct the child. Same way, no wars against the mind, or thoughts, simply redirect by breathing, and stopping the thoughts.

Even the so-called ‘energy’ is ME, mind energy, emotional energy, feeling energy, nervous energy, anxiety energy are all ME.  They exist in separation of me, meaning, they are ME, yet separate from me. And that separation is a root cause of the problem. So self-equality, self-oneness means bring the body and all of it as ONE, all of it, including things like nervous energy. Becoming aware of all such things. Become aware of the energies of the body, things like nervous energy, tension, anxiety, fear, anger, it’s all energy movements (as me). Through breathing energy can be stabilized. I am here as ONE, there is no separation in ME, all of ME is ME. And as me I stop some parts or direct them as they are not needed anymore.

That’s the ultimate principle equality and oneness of this existence. The first step to realizing that principle is through the body and breath. Mind cannot do that, otherwise every Joe will be communicating with snails, whales, demons, understanding the plight of every human being and working to bring a solution, which is not the case now, we don’t’ give a fuck about this physical existence, and why is that? Because we don’t’ give a fuck about our own breath, about own body. Self-negligence of breath and body is a SIN yes (I reluctantly use that word SIN). Responsibility is the right word, not sin, it is my responsibility to be aware of my breath and my body.

This ONE life to live, so why waste it in the mind, thoughts, emotions and feelings. Be in the body, become self-equal, realize self-oneness and through that realize the oneness to rest of the physical existence. The plight of this earth and its inhabitants are waiting for a solution, as currently we are eating it up very fast through our MINDs.

The process to get out of the mind is a lengthy one, so join the Journey to Life blogging, read them, write them, start your own process. join us:



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