Day 323 – Take your Life seriously. Not to be wasted.

I was driving other day for 5 hours, during which time I was listening to interviews (MP3s), loads of common sense and realizations. I know if I tell this to my friend Mike, he will ask “so tell me one thing you learned”. One thing I learned from it would be, take this process seriously, and take your life seriously. Not to be wasted on bullshit. Life on earth is the only place where you can re-birth yourself as LIFE through the physical, I mean once you’re dead, you’re dead/fucked, and then your process becomes extensive and existential. That was a cool realization, because in this one life to live, we just spend it on mundane, mental bullshit instead of LIVING the live in what is best for self and ALL.

Another point I heard was: survival. Everything we do, our relationships, jobs, social, conversations, I mean the whole life is about SURVIVING, not living. The human body on the other hand, its parts/organ, doesn’t  seek to survive within an individualist agenda, the parts co-exist to LIVE and making it possible for this BODY to LIVE. Imagine if the organs, parts, bones, skin, flesh, blood start to compete against each other, and riot against each other, and dominate each other, imagine the inner chaos there will be within the human body. And that’s exactly what’s going on in this physical existence on earth. I mean there is the ruling class, the elitists, and rest of wage-slaves and the real slaves, all competing, trying to surviving while the selected few having all the fun. For rest, the vast majority of humans, its hell on earth, it’s not living at all, it’s all about survival. Not like the human body at all.

That’s was a nice point to hear, I think I heard that on the soul of money interview series.

Let the mind go, let the mind die, and it seems it is the nature of things, when something dies, another emerges. So when the mind dies, the physical emerges, something like that I heard Anu saying. Anu is the ex-God, ex-creator, and your ex-tormentor, the God who created and designed the fine details of your MIND. So thank him for your mind troubles, but unfortunately you cannot blame him, for you must take responsibility for your MIND. And that’s a process, because the mind has become so embedded in the physical body, therefore it will take extensive writing, self-forgiveness, self-correction, and physical-living to rebirth/emerge the physical. There is no switch to turn off the mind, it must be done through a process only, and that is extensive, but luckily there is ample support (see

I don’t know how the fuck these religious people believe in their books, where is self-change, where is self-correction, where is world-change, where is heaven-on-earth? I mean, what is that religions are promising us? A great heavenly life in the afterlife? While completely neglecting this physical world, and how fucked up is that. So all of humanity is focused on going to heaven, a better place after death, and nobody wants to care for this world. Which religion is interesting in making this world a heaven on earth? Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Sufism, Hinduism, Hare-Krishna, and you name it, all of them will promise you a heaven after death, but nobody is willing to fix this planet.

So this process is serious from another perspective, this life is a chance to clean up this world, and to participate in that effectively self-change is the first step.

Listening to Anu is cool, I highly recommend it. Do that before you die, and you will most certainly die someday, hopefully not right in this moment, but soon that moment will be here, then it might be little too late to listen to Anu speaking.

There you go, I saw the portal just come online, sunette spies, not spice, though she can be very spicy with her directness, she is the interdimensional portal, through whom, the beings from the other side speaking to us humans now. Even the demons are speaking to us, that’s fascinating, elephants, ants, snails, owls, you name it, all kinds of beings, animals, masters, gods, are speaking to us. But the message is one: equality and oneness. Humans must wake up, their minds must die, and their physical must emerge, so that we can see/realize/understand the oneness of all life, and create a heaven-on-earth. I don’t give a fuck about heaven in the afterlife.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize I must take this process, my life, seriously, I mean, wasting it away in mind-bullshits is complete waste.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize that this one life matters so much, so much so, even the existence depends on my life. Meaning, me not walking this process matters to ALL. Therefore I see/realize I must take each moment, each breathe, everything in fact, seriously, a sense of realness, so that we can all LIVE not just survive. Because at the moment, life is about mind-surviving, money surviving.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize my LIFE is my Process, therefore I see that in everything I do/say/write/speak I have the chance to stop my mind, a chance to breathe with awareness, and thereby slowly but surely emerge the physical.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize, in everything I do, in every conversation, in every moment, in every exchange, in every work situation, travel, everywhere in fact, is the chance to STOP my MIND, breathe and rebirth myself as life. Join us in this journey to life.



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