Day 327 – Stop ‘Taking for Granted’ mindset. Breathe with Awareness.

the purpose of lifeI must ask this question, what is it, my is all about? I have been taking things for granted, taking people for granted, amazing, looks like I took everything for granted, I mean, pretty fucked up shit we end up doing to others when we take them for granted. Taking one’s job for granted is not cool either, so many people today without jobs, doing basic shit to survive in this world.

This is a point I have to really self-reflect, I mean in some points I am already reaching a point of too-lateness. Taking things for granted has reached its point of no return. Taking people for granted is something I have done numerous times, nearly every person in my inner circle I kind of take them for granted.

What is that I mean by ‘taking people for granted’, well to me it means, not honoring them, allowing mental, emotional abuse, treating them as shit, playing god of their lives, getting angry, throwing my emotional shit onto them, mourning, whining, blaming, scolding all that shit I end up throw at them, that’s ‘taking people for granted’. Not cool.

It’s not about kissing ass or appeasing others either, it’s not about pleasing them, it is simply about honoring, respecting, listening, caring, speaking directly, not entertaining thoughts about them, not entertaining crazy imagination about them, it’s about clearing the secret mind, not having backchat about others, whereas taking people for granted involves total mind abuse like backchats, verbal abuse and all that. Lack of respect is a good sign of taking people for granted. Not listening is a good sign of taking people for granted.  Having nasty thoughts, secret thoughts, is a good sign of taking people for granted. Obviously getting mad, angry, rage, all that is a sign of taking people for granted.

Bring back everything to self. How do I take myself for granted, I mean how do I abuse myself, what sort of nasty backchat do I entertain about myself? What are the fears, worries, self-anger, disgust, judgment, blame, do I hold towards myself? Obviously if take myself for granted, if I dishonor myself, if I disrespect my own life, if I abuse my own life, the chances are I will do the same to another. So taking others for granted is a sign of self-abuse. One who abuses self, will abuse another. Simple math in equality and oneness, this is not rocket science.

Taking the human physical body for granted is something we tend to do so easily. Listening to death research by is cool support in that, where beings share about their bodies. Never take your body for granted. Appreciate the body, it is you. Don’t neglect the body. Listen to the heartbeat. Listen to the blood pomp. Feel the flesh, the whole body, the ribs, the neck, skull, head, face, you know all the parts that we ignore, don’t’ take them for granted. Don’t take your heart for granted, the day it stop pumping blood you will be a dead human. And certainly don’t’ take your breath for granted, with each passing breath, the big day is nearing, the funeral, the day where it’s fun for all, but not for you, is nearing. So don’t’ take your body for granted, breathe. Breathe with awareness.

Other day I overheard a conversation, where this person had some problem on his back, he had to go to the emergency, he couldn’t sit; I mean imagine being unable to sit comfortably, where sitting is a pain in the ass. I love sitting, I love to just sit around, comfortably enjoy the whole sit-and-relax thing, and so not being able to sit would be a big problem. So don’t take your ass for granted either, can’t sit without your ass or back.

Taking things for granted is self-abuse. Taking people for granted is self-abuse. Taking your body for granted is self-abuse. Taking the very breath of life is self-abuse. Taking the job, the food, all that is also self-abuse, I mean, you have a job; it pays your bills, so have a sense of appreciation for the job and do a good job. Yeh I know what I am saying about the job will not sound like music to those Bangladesh factory workers, they couldn’t have any appreciation for that sweatshop, I mean, that’s hell. But sadly, in this cruel money system, even such a fucked up job is a job, its feeding their families, its putting the food on the table. Of course the solution is to end abusive money system, so investigate, and study a new system, namely the equal money system. But yes, at the moment, while you are still here in this current money system, have a sense of appreciation for your job. But do speak out the abuse in there, I am not saying accept and allow the abusive work conditions. Oh man, it’s hard to appreciate your job, clearly, somewhere in the money line there is the hand of abuse. Anyways, that’s a different blog. This is about taking things for granted.

I am here more concern about taking myself for granted, taking my body for granted, taking people in my life for granted, taking near/dear ones for granted, and yes taking my very life for granted, taking my breath for granted.

I have taken too many people, too many things for granted, I guess I am taking my own life for granted, just passing the days, without any significant self-contributions. Even walking this process is something I am yet to commit 100%, it’s like I am even taking this process for granted by not fully participating in it.

I suppose the way to reverse this ‘taking for granted’ mind pattern is to BREATHE with awareness. Learn how to breathe with awareness, first things first, so the first thing here is breath, the very act of breathing, so that’s where ‘taking things for granted’ must stop.  

Therefore I commit myself to breathe with awareness, I commit myself to ask the question often, am I taking things for granted? Am I taking people for granted? Am I disrespecting others and myself? Am I dishonoring, disrespecting the bodies of others? Am I disrespecting, dishonoring my body?

So first thing first, in stopping this vile, taking people and things for granted disease. I breathe, I breathe with awareness, I embrace my body, I hug myself, I hug my body, I crawl up in fetus position in embracing myself, seen/realizing I am my own caretaker, seen/realizing I must embrace me first, no other will do. Breathing with awareness is self-love, and that is when taking things/people for granted will stop.  Join us: 


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