Day 330 – A Translation Task to Hindi, Tamil, Urdu, and Sinhala.

 equal-life-foundation-elf_thumbOk cool, I have taken the task to translate the Bill of Rights of the Equal Life Foundation into four languages, namely Hindi, Urdu, Tamil and Sinhala, covering large portions of India, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka and South-India where Tamil is mainly spoken. This is a cool project, the importance of this cannot be underestimated, and this is really a key step in educating people in those regions about the principles/foundation from which eventual solutions will be created.

The current political systems do not outline principles/foundations, as their sole motive is MONEY and POWER, though they may speak of policies, but it is evident without a doubt, policies are only a lip-service, has only helped the rich get richer and consequently the poor is getting poorer.

Drafting the Bill of Rights of the Equal Life Foundation is a major achievement, now the next step is getting people in various regions to understand them, so that in time, we can actually implement them.

The planet is in peril, there is no need to prove this, just look around, watch some news, read the newspaper, you will see/read the atrocious profit-seeking stuff we have accepted and allowed all in the name of MONEY. And the manipulation of information and brainwashing is not hard to see. We as humanity has been dumb down by those in power thru media/TV/newspapers etc; we simply have become a race of sheep, no more a human race.

This must be changed through understanding, realization and education. In that, translation job is very important to bring about new awareness, understanding among the people specifically in those regions.

On my part, this project will require patience and perseverance, and constant application of myself to get this job done. It is easy to give up, easy for finding excuses, bottlenecks and logistical issues, therefore breathing will be the key for me. The goal has been set, and committed, and now it is a matter of walking it, step by step, breath by breath.

So easy to live a selfish life, worry only about self’s mental/emotional/family/job problems and entirely neglect what’s going on in this world, not seen/realizing this world is a reflection of myself, I have allowed and accepted this to be as it is. Therefore it is my responsibility to take part in a new solution; hence I am walking with desteni and the Equal Life Foundation to birth a new world that is best for all.

Capitalism has failed, this is not a war against Capitalism, it is simply a realization that Capitalism has failed miserably, and it is beyond any arguments or debates. One has to commonsensically look around, study one’s world.

Recent factory collapse in Bangladesh is only a tiny evidence of how things are proceeding under Capitalism, so it goes without saying, we need a new solution, a new world, and a new planet. The Bill of Rights of the Equal Life Foundation is a great start; it all starts with the written word. So join us, study us, read our material, read the Bill of Rights, and I am looking for assistance in language translation/cross-reference/proof-reading etc, if you’re willing to help, please contact me. The solution is not a one man show, or one group show, we as humanity must come together to resolve the problems, the Equal Life Foundation, the Equal Money System, the Desteni group, are one umbrella, under which we can gather and stand together as one voice with many languages/cultures.

The following is the Bill of Rights of the Equal Life Foundation translated into Chinese, it gives an idea how this will look in Hindi, Urdu, Tamil and Sinhala when the translations are done.




The Equal Life Foundation
Bill of Rights


The Equal Life Foundation has been established by a global community consisting of people from many cultures from around the world. The Equal Life Foundation was created to bring forth the awareness and understanding that all life stands equal to all other aspects of life. This is premised on the fact that all living beings have and hold the inherent rights to and of life, equal by and for every living being, all as equal to each other without the illusions of separation and hierarchy, or impaired by the overlays of manmade systems and constructs of the mind. The common ground of all beings is the equal life force that each has, holds and retains. The inherent right of all living beings is the right to a life that is well-founded on the fundamental principles stated here as the foundation of Equal Life, recognized as essential to all beings and hereby declared as a Bill of Rights inherent to all, exclusive to none. The foundation of this Bill of Rights is practical application, whereby every being is guaranteed to have a life worthy of living in practical terms, so that survival and sustainability are a given that all beings have, share and hold, upon which a fulfilling life of value is equally available to one and all.


The Equal Life Foundation recognizes the Equal Right to Life as the first Inherent and Unalienable Right of Every Human Being endowed with the Breath of Life and Herewith Declares that an Equal Life Right Shall Include for all Living Men, Women and Children

1.      平等的經濟權,確保所有的財務需求是可獲取的和可得的,以保證一個健康而充實的生活的基本需求可以被實現和體現。
1. An Equal Economic Right that insures that all financial needs are accessible and available to ensure that the fundamental requirements of a healthy and fulfilling life can be realized and manifested.

2.      平等的健康權,提供了所有的要素去建立強壯的物質肉身,確保活力與健康伴隨著清晰的理智,情緒的平衡,和身體的穩定。
2. An Equal Health Right that provides all essentials to building strong physical embodiments, insuring vitality and well-being along with clarity of intellect, emotional balance and physical stability.

3.      每個兒童安全和保障的平等權,以使免於恐懼、不安全和創傷的生活是被保證的,在其中父母的指導與表達的自由之間能夠互相的平衡,並且在一個富有創造力與歡樂的環境中生活,以使每個兒童成長到他或她的最大潛能作為一種生命本身獨特的表現。
3. An Equal Right of Safety and Security for every Child, so that a life free of fear, insecurity and trauma is assured, a life in which parental guidance is balanced with freedom of expression and lived within an environment of creativity and joy so that every Child grows into his or her utmost potential as a unique expression of Life Itself.

4.      平等的居住權,確保每個人和每個家庭有一個能夠滋養和支持生活的穩定家庭環境,妥善的坐落在社區內,以協助和支持著有尊嚴和完善的生活。
4. An Equal Housing Right that assures every being and every family a stable home environment that is nurturing and supportive of life, properly founded within communities that assist and support a life of dignity and integrity.

5.      平等的教育權,支持每一個人對卓越的追求和潛能的實現,輔助智力發展和實際應用,因此得以貢獻出他們的生命在一個可以提升所有參與者的生命而永續發展的地球上。
5. An Equal Education Right that supports every individual in his or her pursuit of excellence and fulfillment of potential, supporting intellectual development and practical applications thereof to contribute their lives as relevant to a sustainable Earth that enhances Life for all participants.

6.      平等的土地權,安置一切眾生到他們選擇稱為他們的家的土地上,其中活生生的身體行走在土壤上面使他們的生活被滋養和維持,同時提供了安全和生計,那接合了動物和植物王國於互動式的和諧中,所有人類與所有生命的生命力變得和諧平等如一。
6. An Equal Land Right that places every living being on the land they choose to call their home, where living bodies walk upon the soil from which their lives are nourished and sustained, that provides both security and sustenance, that engages with the animal and plant kingdoms in interactive concert that becomes harmonious with the life force of all beings and all of life equal as one.

7.      自由聯盟的平等權,提供一個動態的、互動的和免於束縛的社會與經濟環境,從這之中,能增進和提升全體最大利益的新想法、概念、科技和生產力可以伴隨著這樣的了解而出現,那就是這種聯盟並不侷限第一基本人權 – 即全體的平等生命權或任何由這條權利所衍伸而出的權利
7. An Equal Right of Free Association that provides a social and economic milieu that is dynamic, interactive and free of constraints, out of which new ideas, concepts, technologies and productivity that enhance and advance what is best for all can emerge with the understanding that such association does not limit the first Fundamental Human Right – namely an Equal Life Right for all or any of the Rights flowing from this Right.

8.      對於研究科技、和其他科學努力和實際實體化的平等權,那將優先大量地被應用在整治和重新平衡土地、天空、河川、海洋的物質環境和生態系統上,恢復這個星球的動態平衡,在這之中,應該出現一個促進和整合對全體生命和全體人類最大利益的蓬勃的全球性社群,以確保所有人類和所有生命作為一個整體能有最高可能的生活條件和水準。
8. An Equal Right to Research, Technology, and other scientific endeavors and practical manifestations that are freely applied first to the remediation and rebalancing of the physical environments and ecosystems of the earth, sky, rivers and oceans, returning the planet to dynamic equilibrium out of which shall emerge a thriving global community of advancement and integration for what is best for all life and all beings, insuring the highest possible living conditions and standards for all humanity and all life as a whole.

9.      獲取自然、金融、科學和智力資源的平等權,如此所有人可以自由的(免費的)和不受妨礙的去獲取生命與永續發展的基本建構元件,連同可以自由的(免費的)和不受妨礙的去獲取追求卓越的職業生涯所需要的任何一切,以促進這個全球社群進入提升生活的技術、發明和創新的新領域。
9. An Equal Right of Access to natural, financial, scientific and intellectual resources, so that all have free and unencumbered access to fundamental building blocks of life and sustainability, along with free and unencumbered access to whatever is required to pursue careers of excellence that advance the planetary community into new realms of life enhancing technologies, inventions and innovations.

10.  和平、富足和繁榮的平等權,免於傷害、暴力和破壞的威脅,在其中生命被奉為最高價值,而每一個選擇、每一個行動、每一個目的和每一個想法都被每一個人導向成為對全體最好的,如此所有人都活著如同整體和不可分割的生命在更大的整體的全體生命中和諧存在,如同與地球上所有生命的生活構築,共同成為在一個可永續的平衡之中的生命自身
10. An Equal Right to Peace, Abundance and Prosperity, free of threat of harm, violence or destruction, where life is upheld as the highest value and every choice, every act, every deed and every thought is directed by each and every living being towards that which is best for all, so that all may live as whole and integral beings within the larger whole of All Life in harmony with existence as Life Itself within and as a sustainable balance with the living fabric of all life on Earth.

11.  自我治理的平等權,而不需要外在人為的政府控制去妨礙和控制社會的生命力及其每一個組成部分。這樣的自我治理權應該被整合進更大的社會整體和憲法形式之中,以維護更大整體的完整性,如此在一個真正的共和治理形式中,每一個個體在他或她的平等生命權中是被整個社會與政治結構所支持和保護的,如此連同每一個被大力地保護的權利,則社會的完整性永遠不會被破壞。
11. An Equal Right of Self-Governance without external controls of artificial government to impair and control the life force of society and every component part thereof. Such right of self-governance shall be integrated with the larger whole of social and constitutional forms that uphold the integrity of the greater whole, so that a true form of republic governance in which every individual is supported and defended in his or her right to an equal life by the whole social and political structure, with every right vigorously defended and the social integrity for all is never impaired.

12.  良心自由和道德建全的平等權,支持所有人過著一種不受心理束縛和情緒操弄的生活,過著一種自由地表達自己而免於壓抑或害怕被報復的生活,過著一種免於害怕匱乏和限制的生活。
12. An Equal Right of Freedom of Conscience and Moral Integrity, that supports for all a life that is lived unfettered by constraints of psychological and emotional manipulation, a life that is free to express itself without inhibition or fear of retribution, a life that is free from the fear of lack and limitation.

13.  幣制建全的平等權,包含一個等價系統,以一個單位價值等同於一個統一度量的建構元件開始,由此確保沒有人、組織或機構可以操弄貨幣和金融系統來自我擴張而損害到什麼是對全體最好的,所以這樣一個整合的、平衡的和平等的系統支持並提高了貿易、企業、循環和保值如同在全球經濟系統中供應生命的根本。
13. An Equal Right to Monetary Integrity with a parity system that starts with the building blocks that one unit of value is equal to one unity of measure, thereby insuring that no man, organization or institution can manipulate the monetary and financial systems to their own self-aggrandizement to the detriment of what is best for all, so that such an integrated, balanced and equal system supports and enhances trade, enterprise, circulation and value retention as fundamental in a global economic system that serves Life.

14.  心靈平衡的平等權,讓支持全體生命平等的每一種信仰被視為和持續作為生命本身的平等和一體,其中心靈被理解為每一個人吸氣和呼氣的靈感,和生命本身如同是一個整體,和被全體共享的不可分割的如同在對全體最好的原則之中,而這不會以任何方式縮減全體為平等生命第一基本人權
14. An Equal Right to Spiritual Equilibrium so that every faith that supports equality for all Life is seen and sustained as equal and one with life itself, where spirit is understood as the inspiration of the in-breath and out-breath of every being, and Life itself as a whole, and undivided principle shared by all as and within what is best for all, where this does not in any way diminish the first Basic Human Right of an Equal Life for All.

15.  所有生命的平等權是基於全體眾生被賦予不可剝奪的自決權與最低生活品質的基本保證,這種保證透過擁有生活必需品來達成,例如適當的營養,衣著,住房,獲得知識和教育,訓練出能夠支持和維持他們的生活和家庭的實行能力,整合進他們的社會、經濟、家族、社區、文化、國家和全球關係之中,如此所有人可以,平等如一的,團結一致的表明這個全體生命平等的準則,如同是最根本的平等權
15. All Equal Rights of Life are founded upon the principle that all Living Beings are endowed with the unalienable rights of self-determination and the fundamental assurances of the minimum qualities of life, such assurances to be fulfilled by having the necessities of life such as proper nourishment, clothing, shelter, access to knowledge and education, training for fulfilling capacities to support and sustain their lives and their families, to be integrated within their social, economic, familial, community, cultural, national and global relationships so that all may, equal as one, stand together to make manifest this basis of Equal Life for All as the most fundamental Equal Right.

16.  後代子孫能夠接收到一個沒有汙染、疾病、飢餓、暴力和破壞的居住星球的平等權,如此生命將持續並蓬勃發展從現在直到永遠。
16. The Equal Right of future generations to receive a living planet free of pollution, disease, hunger, violence and destruction so that life shall endure and thrive into eternity now and forever.



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