Day 331 – Practice makes perfect. So what are you practicing?

aaPractice makes you perfect, they say. So the question is what do you practice? Because if you practice the wrong thing, you might become perfect in the wrong thing. I am risking that now as well, practicing the wrong thing. Time to breathe, forgive and correct myself. Difficult times is not an excuse to indulge in things that I know are not going to assist me in the long rung. Meaning, what is that I am accepting allowing has nothing to do with my phase in life; it has to do with WHO I AM. I mean, common sense, it’s like saying, yeh, I am bit tired, so I going to get drunk today or something. Not cool.

As a principled person, I must stand, no matter what. Walking the change in the physical is a must; I cannot allow myself to give excuses. Now couple of times, I have allowed myself the excuse of ‘rough patch’ to justify in the indulgence of mind-addictions. Meaning, I have allowed myself to appease my mind, giving good excuses, this is not acceptable. Slowly but surely that might turn into a perfection, an art of giving excuses, because that’s the rule, practice makes you perfect. So if you practice lying, you become perfect in lying. If you practice anger, you become perfect in anger, if you practice jealousy, you become perfect in jealousy. If you practice lust, you become perfect in lust/cheating/lying/deceit etc. I mean so watch for what you practice. If you practice, you become perfect in depression. If you practice sadness, you become perfect in sadness, so much so, you will not know anything other than sadness, it become normal to you.

I have to ask myself, what is that I am practicing? Because I become perfect in what I practice, so what I practice matters, because clearly, I don’t want to be perfect in depression/sadness/isolation/anger all that stuff, I want to get rid off them, not become perfect in them.

Time to stop. Time to breathe. Time to take responsibility for what I practice. I mean, fuck, I have to stand for LIFE, that’s what I should be practicing, not sadness, not depression, not loneliness, not lust, not jealousy, not anger, not revenge, not greed, not fear, common sense, practicing fear will make me perfect in fear, now why do I want that. I want to be perfect in breathing, living here, become aware of my breath. If I practice stuff that is addictive, oh well, I become perfect in my addictions; I feed the mind in full, which will keep my stuck in the cycle of addiction/perfection.

Practice makes you perfect. So be careful what you practice, it could mean life or death for you.

So no pointing beating myself here, the only valid thing I can do now, is dedicate myself, direct myself to, LIVE breath by breath, not allow myself to give any excuses, not allow myself to feed energy addictions, not allow myself to fall back into fear/anger/sadness/ and all that, it’s time to make that absolute commitment to myself, that I will not accept and allow myself to giving to mind’s excuse, instead I will direct myself to ask the question, what is best for all, what is best for all, and place myself in the shoes of another, and accordingly direct myself to act/speak.

I commit myself to breathe with awareness, because I realize, things are becoming ‘too late’ for me, so I direct myself to take this breathing process seriously, and slow myself down, and live moment by moment, breath by breath.

I commit myself to see/realize, that there is a degree of ‘too lateness’ is manifesting in my life, so its time, I buckle up, its time, I breathe moment by moment and direct myself to live every moment, in what is best for all, because I see/realize I cannot serve two masters, I cannot serve my mind’s energy needs and serve what is best for all, and this decision I must live right now.

I commit myself to check what I am practicing, because, it is common sense, practice makes you perfect, so if I practice the wrong thing, I will end being perfect in the wrong things, which is not suggested. So I direct myself to see my life, every moment, in every breath, in ever thought, in every action, in every movement, and ask the question, what the fuck am I doing? Am I serving life OR am I serving my own ego? That’s not hard to see. I must and I will ask the question, who am I serving now? Am I serving my own ego and its desires/fears/wants OR am I serving the LIFE and what is best for all? Because I see things are becoming a bit ‘too late’ for me, at least in some areas of my life, things are becoming too late. And one day, it will be too late for my whole life, as death ends all drama.

I commit myself to simplify things by looking at this moment here, every moment here, this thought here, this emotion here, this feeling here, this jealousy here, this anger here, this nastiness here, this fear here, this lust here, this rage here, AND ask myself the question, who am I serving by giving into them? Am I serving the ego, OR am I serving the LIFE, what is best for all?

I direct myself to practice moment-by-moment living, to become perfect in that way of living, in what is best for all, the moment by moment living. Breath by breath living, JUST HERE, what’s happening HERE, what am I allowing HERE, just HERE, and l direct myself to sort out the HERE-moment into what is best for all, and NOT allow my EGO takes over. I do so, by breathing with awareness. Sex is just one thing you must practice to become perfect in it, but the principle applies to all areas of life.

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