Day 332 – Rebellion is NOT a solution. Study Equal Money System.

policeDaily blogging continues. There is an aversion to writing today; I guess I have been in a state of energy at times today, so what a nice way to end day, by not writing at all. I have told myself, when and as I see myself experiencing resistance to write, I will direct myself to write anything/something, just to get me going. Sometimes lack of a topic keeps me stuck; in fact, there are so many topics, to say there is no topic is one of the lamest excuses I can give. And it doesn’t have to a structured, well documented topic either, I can see myself writing about number of things, the key is sharing common sense, self-writing, writing self to freedom.

Today I read a very cool article by Chris Hedges, please read it. I can feel his frustration about how the corporate giants are taking over control of everything, governments, media, judiciary, law enforcement, education, basically the whole planet is becoming a slave shop, where the elitists make all profit while us the normal humans ‘work’ for them, and still believe that we have a great life apparently. In the meantime, we occupy our minds watching insane TV shows and movies, and even insane entertainment driven Breaking News, I mean what’s so breaking about watching O.J Simpson’s court hearings or about that lady, Jodi’s murder trial, I mean, WTF, we are kept locked down in a state of mindless, sheep-like duped state. In the meantime the elitists are taking over control, making insane profits and passing insane laws, strange how things are getting worse by the day.

So what is the solution, here I beg to differ with Mr. Chris Hedges, to rebel is not the solution unfortunately, because you can rebel, fight or even declare war against the system, you will not win, you will be defeated, crushed mercilessly by the system. He even quotes a famous poem, “if we must die”, a slavery time poem, which might have been inspiring during those times, but I doubt it will be of any value nowadays.

The enemy now is different, he has no country, no religion, no class, he has only one objective, that is to make a profit at any cost, he has no concern for us humanity or for this planet. He is the system with many hands and many eyes but one mindset, one power. So ‘to rebel’ is not the way, I love reading Chris Hedges’ writings, he is simply amazing, loaded with common sense, and awesome explanations about what’s going on, but unfortunately this ‘must rebel’ solution is something I will disagree with.

Then what is the solution? What you have to understand is, even the most evil of corporate giants are a reflection of what we accept and allow, therefore each one of us, is responsible for what is going on in this world, in fact, the devil is me/you/us.  Now that’s not to say, bless them and encourage them to fuck the planet and humanity even more, NO, what I am saying is let there be no declaration of war against anyone, because the problem is me/you/us. We are the problem, we created this problem, and therefore we must become the solution.

Yes we are the solution. It must start with self-change, self-forgiveness, and self-correction, self-understanding, self-realizing, and then creating the real solution, the equal money system. So while you change yourself, get involved with the equal life foundation, understand the Bill of Rights, learn about the equal money system, hear the desteni message etc, that’s way to go, not by rebelling against anyone. In fact rebelling will defeat you and defeat the very thing you aim to achieve.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to feel depressed that corporate giants are taking control over everything and leaving us humans with nothing, in this I see/realize and understand that these corporate giants are a reflection of me/you/us, because we created them, as ourselves. Therefore I see/realize I am responsible to change myself and equally change this world into what is best for all. In this I see/realize ‘to rebel’ against the corporate giants is not the solution, in fact no rebellion is the solution, I must stand one and equal to the system and become the system and direct it into what is best for all, I mean, the system only exist because us humans have allowed it, the system doesn’t exist in a void, it exist in us, we allowed it, therefore we must fix it, correct it. That’s all.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to feel angry and frustrated to see how the corporate giants are fucking up the planet and human race all in the name of profits, in this I see/realize it is my responsibility to change myself, correct myself first, and then, equally, participate in changing this world into a home that is best for all, I see/realize this planet is not one gigantic shopping mall, where the elitists make the profit and us humans just toil our days to death while ‘working’ for the rich. In this I see/realize that self-change, taking self-responsibility is the first step, and then equally participate in changing this world.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize that the situation is in fact serious, the planet is in peril, the abuses are turning monstrous, putting everything at the brink of extinction, therefore I see/realize my self-change is a vital part in birthing a new earth, I must first change, I must first correct myself, I must stop my demons, and then equally educate/learn and share the solution about the Equal Money System to change the world, time is in fact running out. Yet in this I see/realize ‘to rebel’ is NO solution, because in rebelling you only make the system stronger. I see/realize I must become the solution. 

Join us, take self-responsibility for yourself and for this world, hear the desteni message, investigate the equal money system, and study the bill of rights of the equal life foundation.

To rebel is not a solution. And Chris Hedges is an author you MUST read. He is one of the persons I have a great deal of respect for, the man cares, he understands, he has common sense, he can clearly see the problem whereas it took me years to walk with desteni to see beyond the brainwashing to understand the real problems, but Mr. Hedges sees the problem simply through the eyes of common sense without any de-programing of brainwashing. Thumbs up Chris Hedges.  

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