Day 334 – Cycling this Summer.

Travel Pictures LtdLooks like the summer is finally here, it has been cold lately, bit unusual for May I would say. Took the opportunity today to go biking, started at least. This is something I am committing myself to do throughout the summer, and it was fun today, some 8 km, I know it’s not much, but its a start. Compare some people I know who ride 50 or 100 km, so 8k is nothing, but got to start somewhere, to get myself moving, to get physical.

This is the thing about sitting in front of the computer all day, I hardly get a chance to get physical, do physical labor etc, not much into garden work either, so in terms of exercise I think riding the bike is the thing for me this summer. Of course I walk a lot, but walking is still bit like moon-walking can be done in a lazy manner, so riding the bike is cool.

I commit myself to ride the bike on a regular basis this summer.  A long time back, I was really into biking, loved it then, used to go 30-50kms easily, it’s been many years now, but I know if I do this on a regular basis, things will only improve.

I commit myself to ride at least 4 times a week, because I see/realize doing it once a week or so is leaving room for total inaction on this. So I see that 4 times a week is a reasonable goal and achievable.

I commit myself to see/realize that I have always loved biking, so it is a matter of getting it going again, till I develop a rhythm, and so the body will adapt accordingly to ride long distance. By the end of this summer I should be able to ride for 50k easily, if I stay consistent on this plan.

So I commit myself to stick to the simple plan, weekly plan, covering 10k each ride, in that I see/realize I will naturally develop the ability to ride more.

Physical body is an amazing gift, to be able to LIVE this one life, to be able to walk, to eat, to sit, to run, to have sex, to stand, to shit, to piss, to be able to talk/communicate, listen, write, I mean, everything we do, we do because we have a physical body. The body is ALIVE, not only I am alive, but my body also is alive, there is aliveness, awareness in the body. I heard in one of the Eqafe interviews that there is something in the body that is beyond words, but to get to that, you must get through the mind, become physical.  And it’s not an instant thing, it’s a lengthy process, but done breath by breath.

You see, not all can ride a bike; many don’t have enough eat for the day to worry about things like bike riding. This is for the elitists like myself to enjoy bike riding etc, whereas the real poor are stuck scrapping for food in dumpsters. That’s another story, but the point should be clear, don’t take this physical body for granted, AND don’t this life for granted. While enjoying your life, by all means, make sure, you take part in creating a world that is best for all. Otherwise you will have fun and then die away living a useless life, like a fly gone. Riding the bike is not the purpose of my life; I ride the bike so that I can take care of my physical body to take part in the real work/focus of creating a world that is best for all. At the end of my life, I don’t want to say “Yeh I had a great time, but”, what a waste of life it would be.

So time to investigate, study, research the Equal Money System and the desteni message. I mean, its common sense, there is more to life than just having fun, 3 billion living under poverty, 1 billion will starve tonight, while I enjoy riding my bike. So it’s a matter of perspective, have to put things into right perspective.

Have fun, and make sure, rest of humanity too can have fun, and that’s a responsibility we all have, specially the elitists like myself, who have flushing toilets, food, car, internet, house, jobs, healthcare, money in the bank, you name it. Because you see, those who starve don’t worry about things like riding their bikes during summer, they have bigger issues that are life and death, like will I breathe my next breath?

So there is a moral responsibility to direct this privileged life I have, we have, into what is best for all. I remember when I was a kid I want to do great things, heroic things, save the world, create a paradise, you know, the things children dream of, and guess what, the chance for this is actually here, we can actually create a heaven on earth, but first, a self-change must happen. So investigate the desteni message, take the free DIP LITE course, to break through the brainwashing. Cool.

Back to my bike. I commit myself to really take this weekly biking thing seriously and commit myself to ride at least 4 times a week. And I am ok with 10k rides, it gets me going, you see, getting on the bike is an achievement, the kilos will come later. It’s not doing it, giving excuses, giving lame reasons why NOT, is the problem. That has been my pattern, last summer I remember regretting not riding enough, I think for the whole summer last year, I went out like 10 times, so that’s not acceptable this year. This summer, I will ride 4 times a week.  Keep it simple, 10km, four times  week, wont’ take much time, won’t disturb my evening plans much, still have enough time to do other things.

Have some fun, enough sitting around thinking shit about things. Doing some yoga is on the works too, but haven’t committed to that yet, have to investigate, at least once a week, should be fun, some stretching of the body is cool.

That’s it for tonight.  

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