Day 337 – Time to correct my posture. I am NO ‘hunchback of Notre dame’.

Hunchback-of-Notre-DameCorrect your posture. Today I was talking to somebody, and got some constructive comment on my posture. He said, he saw me walking, and apparently I was bent forward a bit, “you were walking like a 60 years old man, bending forward. Stand up tall and walk”. Deep stuff, came strongly, I thanked him for his constructive feedback.

I had never noticed how I walk, how my shoulders are or my posture is while walking. He had the guts to say it as it is. Now I see/realize how I walk is that I look down the road, and in that perhaps I appear to bent forward. Still not cool, why can’t I walk with a standing posture, with an erect posture, not bending down/forward or hunched over, not cool, not cool at all.

Number of things to do to correct this. In fact this is not a birth defect or natural body structure thing, it seems, I am heavy-ed by thinking, with a heavy head I walk around, looking down, shoulders coming forward, so it appears uncool, I mean, why do I have to walk like that, when I can clearly stand tall, and walk with a vertical/erect posture, meaning, I don’t have to bent down/forward. I can stand tall, in an erecting posture without exerting any efforts to do so.

I just have to be aware of myself, my body, my breath, lack awareness and getting lost in the MIND is the primary reason for bent/hunched posture.  A worried man, overly thinking man walks like that; at least I seem to do. So that’s the key problem, too much thinking, unawareness of the body, unawareness of the breath, too much stuck in the mind-contents is the reason why I lean forward/hunch while walking, giving the impression that I am some 60 yrs old dude, as my friend put it today.

So no big deal, time for self-correction. In this I see/realize I may need some stretching exercise as well, need a minor work on the physical level, so I am looking to do some yoga, investigating a yoga class here. Bloody hell it’s expensive to do/learn yoga.

So that’s the plan, on body and mind: work on the physical with bit of yoga to correct/straighten the posture AND work on the awareness thing, because no matter how much yoga I do, if I get lost in the mind, a heavy-head will cause me to lean forward, like the hunchback of Notre dame.  Not cool. As this is a self-inflicted wound, so I stop this unawareness and direct myself to straighten my posture. Body awareness is the key.

I commit myself to examine myself, my awareness, meaning I commit myself to note myself: how I stand, how I walk, what’s my posture while walking? Am I walking like the hunchback of Notre dame? I direct myself to be body-aware, I direct myself to be aware on how I am moving my body around, my posture, am I leaning forward, am I sitting in a slouch-like position. This is not an appearance-conscious or style conscious thing, I simply want to be tall and straight, want to hold myself/my posture in an erect position. To do that I direct myself to be self-aware, body-aware, posture-aware. I mean if I am lost in the mind, it’s a lost cause then.

In this I direct myself to investigate YOGA and start a beginner’s class at least once a week. I mean, I have to stretch my body that will assist me in holding the posture stand and erect. I mean posture is an important thing, it shows a sense of alertness of the mind, not a sleepy, dull, lost-in-thought mind. So this I direct myself to see, how do I sit, how do I stand, how do I walk, how do I hold my head? In all this, I see/realize breathing is of great assistance, awareness of the breath is of great assistance.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize what I heard today from this person is a great feedback to myself, there is no shame in it, in fact I must be grateful to him for reminding me of my posture. So in this I see/realize I am given a point of support here, to correct, to be aware of my posture.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize that too much thinking, a heavy-head is a cause of lean forward posture, therefore I direct myself to be breath-aware as I walk, instead of using walking to get lost in the thinking to the point where I am totally unaware of the body.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize here is a chance, a point of support for me to start body-awareness breath by breath, in that correcting my posture also, to stand tall and erect instead of just lumping down with heavy thinking head. Its time I get into the BODY.  It’s time to come down from heaven/mind to earth/body. Body awareness is the key.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize that by now I have received ample reminders to become body-aware, to become breath-aware, therefore I direct myself to breathe and slow myself down and NOTE myself as I walk, as I sit, as I eat, as I stand, to see how I am correcting my posture. In this I see/realize this is not about presenting an image of good posture, but simply becoming aware of my body and then standing tall and erect in total self-awareness.

I direct myself to do some physical exercises in this regard by starting some basic yoga classes.

It’s never too late, body is forgiving, and I have to forgive myself for harming and causing much pain to my body, for hurting my body. In this I see/realize, I just have to correct myself, both on mental and physical levels. Stopping the thinking, becoming aware of the breathing is a must.


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