Day 350 – Putting off till the last minute is not acceptable.

fearProcrastination is a well-known disease, doing everything else except the one I should be doing. Now it’s nearly midnight, time to sleep, but I have this blog to get it out for today, as I have been doing everything else all this evening, meaning I had been procrastinating the writing part, and now of course I have the perfect reason to not continue or cut it short. Usually I need about an hour to do the blog, since due to lack of time I will be rushing, that’s another way of procrastinating. But I created this ‘lack of time’ by putting it off to the last minute before the day ends. Nice trick.

But who am I tricking? Only myself. I mean, writing is for self here, so by putting it off, I am only fooling myself. Therefore I direct myself to get the daily writing done as the first thing to do before I start other computer activities for the evening. What I have been doing today is all sorts of computer activities BUT the writing, and now I am almost out of time. I have done this trick a many times, putting it off till the last minute so that I can rush through the blog instead of really doing the self-writing as an act of self-support. Writing is about self-support to self-correct myself. I mean, this is not a school assignment where I can rush it through the last minute and get it over with.

There is nothing to get it over with this writing, as here I am writing for self-correction. I am looking at my living-mind-patterns and correcting them. Nothing more.

So the pattern today that I need correction is putting off till the last minute, procrastination. In this rush, I am neither writing a point out completely nor really giving myself the opportunity to reflect, self-forgive and self-correction because obviously I am in a rush as the time is ticking, can’t sit here past my bedtime, as I have to rest to work tomorrow. Why didn’t I start the blogging an hour earlier? Why did I wait for the last moment, knowing very well my time limits? Who am I trying to trick? Shame. Not a self-judgment, but I see/realize I am getting too comfortable with procrastination. So the thing to correct is to get my ass moving earlier in the evening so that I can get the writing DONE long before bedtime.

I commit myself to get the blogging done as the first thing in the evening when I sit for computer activities. All other computer activities come AFTER I finish the self-writing part.

I commit myself to see/realize when I sit for computer activities in the evening, the FIRST thing I do is blogging. I get the writing done, and so it’s done, it’s out of my way so to speak, then, I proceed to other computer activities. I need this correction because blogging at the minute before bedtime in a hurry is rather pointless. Writing needs time, self-reflection, and bit of no-rushness. Commonsense isn’t it, this is not a grade 10 homework assignment I am doing, here I am writing to CORRECT myself, my patterns, what I have accepted and allowed within myself. Hence this work needs some time, it cannot be done in a super hurry the minute before bed. Not cool. So I correct myself on this. Starting tomorrow, the first thing I do when I sit for evening computer work is WRITE my blog so that I will not have to rush the minute before I sleep.

I commit myself to do the blog first, all else after that.

I commit myself to give myself some time to write, some time to reflect, consider and then get it done.

I commit myself to NOT rush in the final hour of the day.

I commit myself to see/realize I am writing here to rite myself, this is self-correction writing, not high school homework writing.

Basically, the JOURNEY to LIFE requires daily time, both for reading and writing, therefore I commit myself to do the writing as the very first thing in the evening, and do some reading as well. Once the JOURNEY to LIFE computer activities are done, then, I proceed to other computer activities, so no need for final hour writings as I am doing now.

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