Day 354 – Reacting to the word “We”

water‘Taking things personally’ is still around. Today I took something personally when the person used the word “we” referring to some. I mean, I automatically saw the “we” as “they” hence went into “they vs. me” mindset, and took it personally. Strange isn’t it.  The “we” doesn’t mean there is a “they” out there waiting for “me”. It simply means 2 or more persons, a team, a group have a collective position in terms of location, idea, agenda, language, interest etc., I mean it could be anything that forms them as a “we”, but it doesn’t MEAN that “we” is in battle against me. So automatic is my reaction, my heart-rate shifted, I was breathing slightly fast. I mean I could see I changed after hearing that word, it’s not the word, it’s the energetic charge I have learned to associate with that word. “We” is a sort of fearful word, it feels as if there is a “we” which I cannot be part of for some God-given reasons, and therefore I must feel ‘threatened’ by it.

Wow. “We” is the upside down of “Me”, haven’t you noticed. So it must be, there is something in me that I reacted within, meaning bring the “WE” back to “ME”, to see what’s going on in “ME”.

I have encountered many “We”s that I have feared in my life (I did a blog on this paranoia of being left out), so that’s related. Fear of being left out because somehow I am not part of that “WE” you just mentioned.

Is it a linguistic “We”, a cultural “We”, a religious “We”, an ethnic “We”, or a “We” based on how much money you have, or is it a nationality “We”, or a regional “We” because of course the northerners are a “We” into which I had difficulty getting into, or is it a skin-color “We”, or an intellectual “We”, or is it a cool “We” where bunch of cool heads hang out and I am somehow not part of the cools, or is it a “We” based on some advanced sense of self-enlightened hence a superiority “We” ?

Whatever it is, I took the word “We” way too personally in my reactions. I mean, this must be stopped.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to react in hurt and rejection when I heard the word “We”, not seen/realizing that I had associated those emotional charges to the word, and then I allowed myself to react to it. I forgive myself for reacting emotionally for the word “We” in thinking and believing that it will automatically place me on the other side against the “We” group.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize it is my perception, it is how I have learned to perceive any group that see themselves as a “We”, therefore I let go of the fear of being left out of this “We”.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to automatically fear when I hear the word “We” believing “Oh Oh, now ‘they’ are on the other side and me alone on this side”, and in that automatically create a conflict situation inside my head.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to automatically assume that anytime I hear the word “We” means I am not part of that “We”, for some reason I am out of it. This is paranoia, a fear I have learned and still carrying within myself. Time to let GO.

I mean which “We” has the absolute power? No “We” has any power, only the power I give to them. After all, when death hits, the “We” will hit the grave along with their graven images, so will I, and therefore in grave, I join “them” and ‘me’ and ‘them’ become the “new We”, as in death, “We” will be absolutely equal as no minds to separate and create this little “ego-We”s everywhere.

Now there is a practical “We”, FUCK yes, it’s a practical word, it has practical meaning, and it means the plural first person. Bunch of cats can refer to themselves as “We”, what’s wrong with that? Am I going to take that personally and blame the cats? This is insane.

LIFE IS ONE. There is only ONE “We” and that is the group called LIFE. All other “We”s are perhaps practical groupings to get things done practically/physically, but not divisions or barriers for ego superiority/vanity.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize I too desire to be part of a “We” so that I can egotistically speak the word “We”, say: “We will decide”, “We will let you know”, “We will consider it”, shit like that. So I see that which I fear I want it to some degree. There is a saying ‘a freed slave has a tendency to be a master’. I fear “We” because I want to be part of a “We” so that I can exercise that ego power comes with “We”. It’s all a mindfuck isn’t it. Please agree with me, so we can be a “We” at least in agreement to something, lol.

Cool, this is a nice thing about desteni process, the moment you get hit with something, there are tools, support, techniques to overcome it, and self-writing through the Journey to LIFE is very cool. Join us, set yourself free from the imaginary “We”s that you’re part of, and be part of the real “We”, the “We” of LIFE.    

Join us:  Rebirth yourself, write yourself to FREEDOM.
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