Day 356 – The fugitive guru.

swamiBreathing!!! Breathing is a nice way to start blogging. Am I breathing? It feels nice to breathe with awareness. To become aware of the body, to become aware of the breath moving-in and out. A sense of awareness of the body, of breath, of self is cool.

Today I read an interesting news article (actually its old news just happened to read today in detail), this is about a guru, a Hindu guru, I first encountered him in Austin, Texas, USA, when I went there back in 2001, I loved the temple, I loved the spiritual feeling, the atmosphere, the white ladies in Indian sarees, white gurus or guru wannabes, and then main figure was the Maharaj, the guru maharaj, the Swamiji, the god-man-personality.

I was drawn to him too, he is very likable, I even got a hug from him once, and I was like wow, felt special to be hugged by a divine personality, a guru of god. The temple is a real beauty, in terms of nature, the 200 acres land, the nice hot weather similar to back home; I mean the place had everything to go for a spiritual retreat, a weekend of satsang, divine chanting, and not to mention the good Indian food.

But little did we know, there was a dark secret hidden inside the rooms of the guru Maharaja, only those little white girls knew it all in detail and kept it to themselves in fear of speaking up. Yes they were children at that time, please read this link for more details, the man/guru was later convicted for child molestation, and then he somehow escaped to Mexico; a fugitive guru now wanted by United States law enforcement.

This is not the first time we hear about such sex-scandals in religious temples, ashrams, churches, seminaries etc, so my question is why do this so-called normal people fall for such cult-figures? I myself started to call him ‘swamiji’ and thought of him as a divine godly figure. I didn’t worship his photos etc like some did, but I could have easily gone to such an extent.

People are ‘lost’ and so within an ashram-like setting/environment they feel accepted, they feel a sense of home, at least that’s what the victims in this case said and it makes sense, I also went to that temple for a sense of belonging, and acceptance. But some decided to live in the temple for various reasons, either they were unable to find work in the real world, or they found it easy going in the temple at least the spiritual coating made it easier for them. And the attraction to the cult guru made it all the more easier for the attention deprived humans.

Sad but true, due to lack of self-intimacy, self-connection, self-acceptance, these devotees seek an external figure to give them attention and comfort. And it all starts from there, then you’re stuck, can’t get out, until it’s too late. In this case, it’s the parents who decided to call the ashram their home, and their kids fell prey for the MASTER.

What surprise me is that the US government still allow that temple to continue its business with a new set of gurus as if nothing ever happened, I mean, they should shut it down, like a crime site, never allow such evil to happen again, and furthermore the government should make it compulsory for spiritual figures who are in positions of authority to go through an ‘annual behavioral checkup’. Prevention is best cure, don’t’ wait till it’s too late, get your spiritual gurus tested now, test them like how we test our athletes for banned drugs. Too much trust and veneration on these all too human masters is something we have collectively accepted and allowed as normal, without taking self-responsibility for ourselves, and we want the master to take responsibility for ourselves instead.

The bottom line is, this whole religious, spiritual, new age cult thing is a trouble to begin with, to be part of it indicates a serious emotional/mental disorder. I can tell that for myself, the days when I was into such cults, I was going through serious emotional/mental instabilities, the real pit is one is unable to detect that for oneself, because one feels so normal and natural with all that is cult. I was a normal guy, nobody could ever convince me that I was into a cult, and now I see I was big time into a cult at that time. I had a mental need for acceptance, for belonging, for attention, so hey, any cult where I felt that funny warm feeling in my gut was good enough. However soon that funny feeling would go away, or I will just get bored, then, I would move on to the next, I have a list of gurus to sort things out.

I do not write this to demonize any personalities, rather to point out, warn, and to assist how to get yourself out of a cult, but for that you need some self-honesty. If you have a master, a guru, whom you adore and venerate and consider him to be some sort of ‘enlightened’ master, ALAS you’re in a CULT.

Anyways, what is the solution to this human problem? Ultimately, this is a collective disease, as humanity we are responsible for such atrocities, we allow it, we permit it, we have created a system that allow such crimes, and there is no real support to resolve/heal these matters. I mean if you look at Swamiji himself, the godly-figure, nobody knows his life stories, his childhood, his mentalities, who knows, maybe he himself was an abused child, and there was no help for him other than chanting mantras. The point is, the world as it is, there are no support systems for offenders and victims alike to get help to sort themselves out before its too late.

Self-forgiveness, self-honesty, self-correction, self-writing is a good start. That can cure a lot of diseases.

Swamiji, well, if you’re reading this from your hideout in Mexico, I have one advice for you, investigate and learn to forgive yourself, at least you can stop doing such things in the future, of course in terms of the consequences you’re facing now even God cannot help you. By the way, I heard your own master Jagadguru Kripalu of India has denied any connection to you, isn’t that interesting, its like Mother Mary denouncing Jesus. Anyways, get help, yes even you can be healed of your diseases. Remember, you can hide from law, but you cannot hide from yourself. Radey Radey!!!!!!!!!!!!

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