Day 372 – Rejecting people is MIND-automation.

Hunchback-of-Notre-DameI forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to reject people just because I don’t’ like them.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize ‘liking/disliking’ people is of the mind, it is the MIND that decide to like/dislike based on the feelings the MIND get from these ‘people’. Me as LIFE has no such preference, me as LIFE is neither excited nor depressed to be with people, because LIFE sees everyone as Equals, no preferential treatments.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize ‘liking/disliking’ is of the MIND, done totally out of self-interest, the interest of the MIND to get its energy feeding. That’s why I like good looking women compare to anybody else, because their good looks, charm, sexual attraction gives me that nice feeling, exciting feeling which is food for the mind. whereas talking to a boring old man is seen as waste of my time, it’s like talking to a brick, there is no energy returns to me, so in this I clearly see how I pick and choose people to like/dislike based on what they GIVE me, what energy THEY give me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize those people that I reject in fact show me what I have accepted and allowed myself to be. In fact they show me a part of myself that I cannot stand within myself. Therefore whenever I see that I am ‘disliking’ someone I direct myself to ask the question, ‘what is this person is showing me about me?’, because he/she is a mirror, that I hate to see/view/interact with.

Sometimes I deal with folks that I just cannot stand, it must be so they must be showing me a LOT about myself. Then, I see how mean and rude I become just to get rid of them from my environment. Sometimes you just can’t avoid them, they are around, yet you cannot stand them, they are mirroring you so much so it is unbearable. In this case, I direct myself to breathe, and handle the situation in a gentle manner, in what is best for all. I mean, there is no need to bully them out, just because I cannot stand what they are showing about me.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize ‘liking/disliking’ is of the MIND, and so I direct myself to breathe to STOP such mind-automation.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize EVERYONE is a mirror reflection of me, I could have been in anyone’s shoes, and everyone is equal, as the same SOURCE animates us all. And LIFE is ONE. So I see/realize participation in likes/dislikes is just MIND. so I simply breathe and direct myself to communicate to the point, listen, hear, get to know, and communicate, NOT reject or avoid or fall head over heels because I like them Soooo much. I direct myself to be careful with extreme polarities of the mind, liking vs. disliking. I forgive myself for having the backchat “oh I cannot stand that person”, not seen/realizing I am simply making noise from my ego, because me as LIFE doesn’t take positions as: like or dislike.

I see that liking is also linked to some kind of a desire, or they make me ‘feel good’, or they make me look good, or they make me feel belong. To like someone I see that there is some catch for the mind, which I accepted and allowed. Liking is always about what’s in it for me? There is something for me, so I will like you. OR I will dislike you if there is nothing in it for me in the form or desire, or making me feel good, or look good, etc. or if you reflect me, show me a part of me that I refuse to see in me, then, you bet I will dislike you. Interesting stuff.

So breathing is the key, breathe through the mind automation, stand here as a physical being. Other choice is be a total emotional polarity parasite that swings from one end to the other, liking some and disliking others. This is how the whole world operates. I mean, that’s why we have wars, we like this but hate others. The base pattern is within me, in how I treat another, like vs. dislike. ‘Oh I like you so much, you’re so god damn cool, I just can’t have enough of you, you’re so cool, you make me feel good, you make me look good”. And then other polarity, “Oh I cannot stand you, you’re too boring, dull, depressive, uncool, rotten, get away from me, you’re this, you’re that, I cannot stand you, get away, go to hell, perish somewhere, I don’t want to see you or talk to you ever again”. How fucked up evil shit is this.

I have been on the rejection side a LOT, it’s not cool, it’s not cool to be just discarded for some uncanny reasons, and I mean for any reason, it’s uncool.

Looking for friendships is MIND, the mind want to form some relationships, to feel connected, to feel belong, to feel cool, yeh I am part of the cool gang, we are the cool, hip, awesome crowd, lets hang out together, lets chit-chat together, so we can all feel good about ourselves, lets’ go to places together, let’s eat out together, let’s do more and more things to strengthen our friendships so we won’t’ be lonely. Sure there is loneliness without friends, that’s cool, from loneliness you can move to alONEness. Breathe, be here. 

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