Day 380 – Lack of Self-awareness could lead to death. Note the small steps.

downloadSmall things, small steps. Number of small missteps happened lately. Just now I spilled my tea on the laptop, and earlier today while making a right-turn I brushed against the pavement, it could have damaged the back wheel and alignment, what was I thinking, I guess I was looking around while driving. This is not cool.

Like this, I have noticed a number of small steps have become missteps lately. Paying attention to small things requires awareness/attention to small things, naturally. I was not happy after bumping into the pavement, I mean, abusing the vehicle is not acceptable. It is abuse to drive recklessly, again it is small things. Now I am bit careful about small things, especially after listening to few death research interviews by There is this one interview about being hit by a truck to death, this is fascinating to listen. Basically this guy was trying to cross the road, he saw the truck and also a number of cars behind it, and so in quantum time he assumed that he had enough time/space to get across. Well he had time, but while crossing/running one of his shoes came off, which delayed him a bit, viola that delayed moment made all the difference between life and death. Obviously he got hit by the truck to death, listen to the interview, and let the man himself tell you his experience in a very vivid way.  

So after listening to all these death research interviews, I notice that I am bit ‘careful’ now about small steps. Another man fell to his death, a tinny moment, a misstep, that’s all it took for him to face death. I am careful now with small steps. Same thing with the snake bite death research interview, the woman took a walk on a path that she has been a million times, so she assumed this one time nothing will happen, oh well, her assumption didn’t hold true just that one time, she was bitten by a snake to death. Now this is not to create paranoia about missteps, rather to be cautious.  While riding my bike on the main streets lately, I noticed how careful I have become, with so much traffic I don’t’ risk riding along with them, I stay safe on the pavement, only venture into the roads if the traffic is mild. Decades back however I was a dare-devil with my bike on the road, not anymore. Because I realize it will only take one misstep, one mistake, one incorrect assumption to DIE. So not cool. Yet I am seen number missteps that have happened, leading to minor issues, so time to pay attention. 

Bottom line is pay attention to small things, small steps, small actions, small turns, because one misstep could be deadly or could lead to unwanted situations. Spilling tea on my laptop is a very small thing, brushing my car against the pavement is also a small thing, I mean, nothing big to talk about, but they are showing my lack of self-awareness when it comes to small things. That’s a problem, so pay attention, be here, and breathe.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize I have to pay attention to SMALL STEPS. In this I see/realize I must attend to SMALL steps with self-awareness, no more sleep walking.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize missteps and mistakes are showing me that I must be aware of myself in SMALL things, in SMALL steps, in SMALL gestures, in SMALL words, because there is a great chance of fucking things up in SMALL things.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize, small accidents are showing me that I need to be HERE, my self-awareness, my attention MUST be HERE, not in heaven/mind. I must be grounded/earthed, not in heaven/mind.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize carefulness/attentiveness is required even in small things.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize blindly living by automatic assumptions is self-irresponsible, therefore it is essential I remain here in and as breath, and take a look at my blind assumptions. 

This is the way to avoid small accidents, small problems, small misunderstandings, small mistakes, and small missteps. Then the big things will take care of themselves, naturally.

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