Day 388 – Be a voice to change this world. Start Reading the ‘Journey to Life’ blogs.

readSo easy to ignore what’s going on in this world. As for myself I get stuck in my personal issues and therefore finding it ‘difficult’ to pay attention to what’s going on out there. This is a form of selfishness, I mean, if those very sufferings are happening to me, will I ignore them? Not at all, I will do all I can to get out of those suffering situations. Yet, when the same suffering is happening to others, I can easily ‘pick and choose’ whether or not to pay attention to them. That is elitism, arrogance, indifference and selfishness. The truth of the matter is, it is my responsibility to educate myself so that I can effectively participate in understanding the problems and solutions, because I must be a voice to change the world.

This is a group task as well as an individual task. Because if every individual focus just on their ‘own’ bullshit emotions and feelings then who will actually look into what’s going on in this world? That’s when the elitists take over, because we have given up our responsibility to do anything about this world, so the super-rich happily have taken over the full control. “Do as you wish” is our command to the ultra-rich, the elitists. Not to blame anyone of course, but we must ask the question who created this world as it is now? Who created the current abusive systems as it is? Who accepted and allowed the current slavery labor system and economic system as it is? We did. So we, everyone, must take responsibility to change the system.

In this regard, I see/realize and understand it is my responsibility to educate myself with what’s going on. I cannot separate myself from what’s going on and just hide myself within my own personal issues. To effectively educate myself on what’s going on, at least, I must read the Journey to Life blogs on a regular basis. As there are number of Journey to Life bloggers taking on various ‘universal points’ in their blogs, I see the value in reading and understanding them, especially from the perspective of un-stucking myself out of my personal points. At least, it will provide me with a balance, placing me in ‘interpersonal’ state, meaning, dealing with my ‘personal points’ and ‘universal points’.

Formula is very simple, if we don’t do anything, the system as it is, will continue forever, and in that destroying anything and everything on its way. The power of greed and the desire for profit knows no bounds. It will kill and destroy all within so-called legal framework to get its job done. After all, the system is ‘creating jobs’ which is a catch phrase that can justify anything and everything in this world. “Let’s create jobs” like how we did for the Bangladesh factory workers. 

Nobody ever talks about the consequences for humanity and rest of the life forms. Because in the race to make profit, there is no respect or regard for life. Money is the only thing that is valued. Not even humans are valued. Therefore the desteni group and the Journey to Life bloggers are actively bringing awareness about what’s going on. In that also creating awareness about what is best for all, providing new solutions to old problems. At this stage, as a group, and as an individual, all we can do is study, investigate, educate and research problems/solutions and share them with the rest. But keeping silent is the worse thing to do. You have heard the phrase: silence is consent.

Therefore I see/realize, I have to move from ‘personal process’ into ‘interpersonal process’, meaning, while I walk my own personal points, I will also have to study/investigate/write about ‘universal points’. This is an act taking responsibility, both for my own shit and for what’s going on in this world.

It’s easy to just keep focusing on my own thoughts, emotions and feelings, while the rest of the world goes to hell. So reading the Journey to Life blogs on a more regular basis is my kick start action plan. I have to read those blogs to understand the problems and solutions, only then, I can effectively write my own voice about them.

You see, every voice counts, when each voice speaks out, write out, they accumulate. Never underestimate your voice, because if you stop reading/writing/speaking, then the other guy does it too, then the next guy does it, so on and so forth, soon everyone goes silent about the abuse that’s going on, voila, the perfect stage for the controllers/elitists to do what they wish. Therefore your voice matters absolutely, my voice matters absolutely. Remember 1+1+1+1 is the formula to change.

All that starts by reading, understanding the problems and solutions. Join the Journey to Life as a reader, at least. 

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