Day 389 – Back to basics: Be Real in your writings.

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Join this FREE Self-Writing Course.

For context see this creation’s journey to life blog.

In terms of personal process writing, what is the purpose of my writing? Why do I write? Now I see/realize the purpose to write is to give myself a direction, a script, a code of behavior, a goal, a commitment, so that it can be used to walk in the physical for real. Therefore writing becomes an act of scripting to self-change. I am writing to RITE/correct myself, not just writing to ‘feel good’ because I got another day’s writing done.

Self-honestly looking at a given point and understanding all its angles and then scripting myself to change. So the writing is the actual script, then it must be LIVED for real. Writing is a self-guideline, a short manual, a script. This is where self-forgiveness and self-corrective statements come handy, given a point I forgive myself for it and then write myself the corrective statements. This is sort of going back to basics, because I see/realize I must write to change myself, it must lead to actual real self-change. Writing is a tool, a guide, a self-promise/note, a self-analysis of myself in relation to a given situation, etc, then, I write to really get into the details and forgive myself, and correct myself with self-commitment/self-corrective statements.

Writing is a serious task. So I direct myself to really ‘dig in’ and write myself to change. I have to be real in my writing, I mean, write for real, and change for real. If my written words have no practical living then, writing is sort of ‘windy’, not solid. And certainly not writing to impress anyone that would be a total waste of my time. Therefore it’s time to bring some effectiveness/realness to my writing and thereby actually live the written word in the physical.

I commit myself to slow down as I write. I commit myself to ‘be real’ in my written investigation of a given point. Because I see/realize not being real would make my writing meaningless and therefore not effective. I commit myself to breathe, slow down and actually really ‘look into’ the points, so that I can actually see all sides and write a script to change. I mean writing here is not an entertainment or a school assignment, or a release, indeed I am writing to create a script so that I CAN CHANGE MY LIFE according to that script in the physical. That’s the real outcome of self-writing.


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