Day 392: Bernard Poolman – A tribute to man of tough questions.

bernardpoolman1I write this blog tonight as a dedication to Bernard Poolman, without whom my Journey to Life process would not have started.

First, I like to thank Bernard, for all the support, guidance, interviews, chats, blogs, vlogs and everything else that he provided to assist me and others to stop our minds.

Bernard is not a guru, or a teacher or even a mentor, he certainly didn’t like followers; Bernard simply shared commonsense, and asked tough questions. Some people didn’t like him because the questions were too tough; others liked him because the tough questions led to a point of self-investigation/self-honesty within.

I for one, never asked tough questions, the world hunger for example, as a favorite time-pass topic of conversation has been around for a long time, but the way Bernard would ask questions with commonsense about world poverty and whatnot, I was able to see it for myself. I am able to see problems, in fact in every facet of life, I am able to see ‘problems’ that were created by selfish, greedy, brainwashed humans because of what we accepted and allowed both individually and collectively.

Though he asked tough questions, Bernard never blamed anyone, meaning he was very clear that we are all responsible for everything that is going on. Now that is empowering, true empowering, not that spiritual love and light kind of empowering.

Bernard was not a self-help guru, yet self was the heart of his commonsense discussions, and this self is the self of all. All that is life is a central theme, put it another way, what is best for all, is the core of Bernard’s questionings or discussions. Is it best for all or not, is the question. Because we are stuck in selfishness, the question of what is best for all is indeed a very tough question.

Bernard shared the most amazing tools to assist us to STOP the mind, namely, the application of self-forgiveness, self-honesty, and self-writing. Over one year ago, he suggested that we as a group start this Journey to Life writing process, which has changed many lives, and empowered many; he wasn’t simply lecturing, he walked the Journey to Life with the rest of us too. Every day you can see Bernard would publish his creation’s journey to life blog. That’s teaching by example. His blogs are loaded with commonsense and as usual some tough questions.

I am no writer, English is not my first language, but writing daily and walking the Journey to Life has helped me a lot in expressing myself through the written word. Obviously the application of self-forgiveness has been instrumental in changing the nature of me; and I am changing, certainly my brainwashing is dropping significantly, that GOD once I adored and worshipped has vanished for good. I must thank Bernard for assisting with tools and commonsense so that I can set myself free from that almighty GOD. Brainwashing is so extensive, and it’s a slow process to overcome every tinny aspect of it. Bernard’s tough questions and commonsense helped in identifying and then eventually removing the brainwash.

Bernard’s support wasn’t limited to assisting us to stop our MINDs, he also discussed solutions to world-problems, namely the equal money system and the living income guaranteed. These solutions are researched by the equal life foundation; obviously Bernard is instrumental in providing commonsense to these on-going researches.

On a personal level, Bernard was very supportive in terms of providing some commonsense perspectives and asking very tough questions. I have had number of chats with Bernard about some issues in my personal life, and Bernard took great interest and care to assist me so that I can see the solutions for myself. He never gave any solutions; he simply asked tough questions and provided some much needed commonsense to any given scenario. The decision is always mine, no matter what is the scenario, but I could rely on Bernard to give me some commonsense from the perspective of what is best for all. There are no preferential treatments when it comes to Bernard, as he deals only with what is best for all.

Today Bernard passed away in South Africa; obviously this news came as a shock. I struggled earlier on today asking why, why, so young, so early in the process etc, meaning, I thought Bernard should be around for at least another 25 years or so, to see a changed world that he spoke/wrote much about. But I realize there is never a good time to die, now or later, but what matters most now is the foundation which Bernard laid for humanity to walk.

The self-corrective applications, the Journey to Life process, and living income guaranteed, equal money, DIP lite, DIP pro, and loads of blogs/vlogs are the foundation, the legacy, the contribution of Bernard. Now it is up to us, to walk this, to correct self and correct this world.

Of course, the death of Bernard is a profound loss, I mean, all that commonsense, brutally tough questions, and his ever-ready sense of humor, will be missed.

When I was at the farm Bernard said a funny statement, “The only person you don’t fear is me, but that’s not your own doing”.  Very true, I could trust Bernard unquestionably, I had no fear of Bernard, and I suppose there was something about Bernard that allowed unconditional trust and intimacy. That’s what made Bernard a strange type of a human, because he had no fear, no ego, he was just raw life so to speak, operating as a normal human. Yet it doesn’t make Bernard a special person, he simply had walked a process to STOP his mind, and rebirthed himself as life, hence he spoke much about equality of life. He saw equality, realized equality so suggested everyone else to consider the equality of life, for which, he provided the tools and processes too. So it is only a matter of walking them to birth self as life, as a trustworthy human being.

In summary, Bernard Poolman is a trustworthy human being. It is rare indeed to find such, but the good news is, everyone can be such, it’s only a matter of walking the process, applying tools, overcoming the brainwashing etc.

I am grateful that Bernard offered his realizations unconditionally so that fearful zombies like me can walk the process and become a real human being like Bernard. I can already see little signs of changes in me, and I am changing. Someday this world too will change, folks like me and many who will join us, will self-change themselves and will take part in changing this world.

True, it is sad, Bernard will be not around to see a world where no child is left behind, but that Life-force will witness a new earth, which Bernard assisted in laying down the foundation. I am sure when LIFE rejoices in seen a new earth of equality, Bernard will rejoice too, wherever he might be.

We will walk, desteni will walk, until this is DONE.

Thank you Bernard, see you around.

And if you’re ready to ask tough questions, investigate us.

Join this revolution of Writing. The Journey to LIFE.

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