Day 412 – Be a solution for all, and for you too.

elfBe the solution, not the problem. I recall something like that Bernard saying, and it makes total sense, sure there are so many problems, so many barriers, so many obstacles, but one could look for practical solutions within/thru them. That’s what I understand by “become the solution, not the problem.”

Of course, it is not always applicable, a child starving to near-death in some dirt poor country, where its parents/family all are suffering from starvation, the child cannot do anything, the child cannot be a solution to its problem of no food. It has only one solution, and that is simply breathe air and count the days to death.

Sadly so, there is nothing the child could do. But I am not in that shoes, so when I am faced with practical problems, I have to look for practical solutions, maybe I will have to work 7 days a week, maybe I have to rent rooms in the house, maybe I will have to look a job bit more harder, maybe I will have to become a bus driver looking for new careers, and look for more income, things like that, as I have the options to find solutions to so-called problems. Whereas the starving child doesn’t have any options, I mean what options does a child who has been starving for days have got, other than just dying away?

So I have options, to create solutions for my so-called problems without breaking my head. Of course, there will be difficult times in that, it’s still possible, doable to find solutions.

Become the solution. I think yes I am becoming the solution. But one big difference, I am become a solution for MYSELF ONLY, which is ok, because I have to become stable in my life, then, I must become the SOLUTION FOR ALL. I mean, otherwise this is just a selfish walk, my own success means nothing to the world, I will live a good life, and then die away like a rat. The purpose of life, at least my life is, yes to have/live a good life, then, make sure to create a world that is best for all. I mean, my own little successes mean shit if this world continues to be shitty.

Remember that starving child, my real success is measure through that child, as long as there is a starving child in this world, my life is not a success, the very least I must be part of a group and do whatever it takes so that someday a new system will be in place, no more starvation. May be I won’t be around then, but hey, at least I was part of creating it, and in doing so I lived a successful life, that’s real success.

Cool, join us:


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