Day 416: Confidence = Money?

cubeThe so-called intellectuals, the smart-asses, justify their fat paychecks because apparently they are so confident in their line of work. I have observed this cocky confident attitude, its like saying “hey see how smart I am therefore I am more valuable, pay me more”. With that confidence also comes the feeling of justification: my fat pay is justified and my life is all great and wonderful, because I deserve to get the big bucks, because I am so confident in my line of work and my contribution is highly valued, and in return I become even more confident, kind of becoming a superman at work, all roads leading to making more money.

How about the guy who is not so smart or confident, or who is new to the trade? well tough luck, he just have to suck it up and live with the minimum pay, and/or risk getting fired anytime, because low confidence means less money or no money at work. More confidence means more money. More you can resolve issues, design new products, new services, you’re the hero/savior, everybody loves you and money comes to you, and of course you feel greatly confident.

Without participating in the arrogant ‘confidence=money’ game, one can develop a sense of confidence at work. More reading, developing a stronger trade vocabulary, learning something new everyday, understanding all the buzz words; that’s one thing I noted about cocky confident people that they know their buzz words very well.

I don’t see myself as a very confident person at work, this is mainly because I lack a solid foundation in my trade-vocabulary, lot of the buzz words go over my head, and so I find it difficult to effectively participate. But there are more points to focus on to develop this sense of confidence at work:

1. get to know the buzz words, really understand them. 2. READ, there is no shortcut to reading, don’t just read like reading a newspaper, read to understand the buzz words, the concepts, the ideas presented, and integrate them into self. The new information becomes part of me, I integrate the information into me as I read/study them. Not just skipping over. 3. Daily learn/study/ something new. 4. Breathe, be here, pay attention, every piece of the detail with equal importance. As I have a tendency to ignore some, disregard some, not cool, in fact this has backfired on me a few times, not paying attention to all the little pieces. Then, piece by piece, breath by breath, move through the information, move through the buzz words, move through the new ideas, concepts and problems.

At all times, breathe effectively, be here, and be fully focused. If you’re not HERE, no matter how smart or confident you’re, mistakes are going to happen even in small things, because YOU’RE NOT HERE. I am not a rocket scientist, I write code, read code, read problems, reproduce problems, understand the problem, report the problem, and possibly resolve the problem. A whole lot of small steps, but if I miss even one of them, that’s a big problem, so it is very important to stay focus, be here, breathe and pay attention to every piece, every part, every step, EQUALLY. That’s building real physical confidence. Self is becoming confident. Of course good money is naturally there for the service rendered, but please this is not to develop that cocky,  arrogant attitude “hey I am so smart, I am so confident, see how great I am, so big MONEY must come to me”; that attitude sucks, and that confident is cocky.

This is where the principle of equality kicks in, I mean, as LIFE all are equal parts of this ONE existence, so why should one be valued more than another? Sure some are more skilled and very able in their trades, but that shouldn’t make one more valuable than another. We are equals, as life, and certainly in death too, 6 feet underground, we will be equals, so might as well lets be equals above the ground here/now. Let’s create a world where confidence is an awesome quality to have, not just to make a lot of money. Stop developing cocky confidence, develop real confidence, be life.

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2 thoughts on “Day 416: Confidence = Money?”

  1. cool blog. Not getting caught up in thoughts or future projections of how a meeting will go, or whether or not something you decided on will work out, and instead just being in the moment breathing has really helped with this confidence aspect, especially with public speaking that I have always had anxiety with. And too many times have I went down the road of cockyness only to have it backfire because I went away from here and into a delusion of grandeur losing sight of reality.

    Thanks for the blog

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