Day 419: Low-income “Lazy bums” help the rich to get richer.

Shop fronts of Burger King and McDonald'sSo easy to label people as lazy bums, specially those minimum wage people. “They are lazy, unmotivated, that’s why they work on low paying jobs”. That’s line you will hear from the elitists.

Not even for a moment will you consider the path, the life journey, the obstacles, the childhood, the education, their parents, the poverty, and whatnot, a human being must have to go through to become a wonderful minimum wage worker!!! Do you really think people are motivated to commit their lives to minimum wage? Easy to blame it on the low-income people as if it is their of fault to be poor, not seen/realizing how the rich get richer by the labor of these low-income people. Also, the rich love the low-income people, it is their wealth-generating labor base.

I mean, go to any grocery store where you buy your food, who is work in the counters, cashiers, etc, it is the low-income people with minimum wage. Go to wall-mart, who is working there? your friendly low-income people, doing dirty painful shifts so you can live your elitist lifestyle. Go to Tim Hortons coffee shop, who is working there? the friendly low-income people, working for bare minimum wages. Same with any fast food restaurants, janitors, cleaners, gas station attendants, you name it, there is a large group of laborers/workers, in fact the largest group of working class is POOR low-income, so the rich fuckers can get richer. That’s the real story about our wonderful capitalism.

Its time to change! If you agree, study the serious message presented by desteni, it is serious because first you must change yourself, you must work on your own bullshit before you can change the world, and that requires serious application of yourself. Desteni message is real, for self, and for the world.

Also, you will learn not to blame anyone, yes including those rich fuckers, you cannot blame them because you didn’t take the responsibility to create a system that is best for all, you went sleep, so the rich fuckers took the responsibility to create a system that suits them, and only them, so how can you blame them for your own negligence?

And moreover, if you had taken birth in one of those rich families, you would have done the exact same thing, its in the blood to make money and abuse the poor, that’s why for eons of time the current money system was never questioned, even the religious fuckers cannot see the abuse, in fact they bless it with quotes from their fucking holy books. And nope, not blaming the religious fuckers either, because you’re equal and one as every evil fucker in this existence, therefore the thing to do is to take responsibility for yourself, and for this world. Responsibility is the key, not blame. Learn to take responsibility with desteni.

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