Day 428 – There is ONE in ALL of us: Substance Point.

I have been listening to an awesome eqafe interview lately, the perspective from the great white shark. I learned something really cool, lets’ see if I could correctly share it here: I strongly recommend you listen to it.

There is something called the ‘Substance Point’ within and as each ATOM or ‘body’. Now this ‘body’ doesn’t only mean human body, it could be anything like a ‘body of water’. Its cool to realize that all such bodies, atoms, have that point called: ‘Substance Point’, and everything we individually take-part gets imprinted onto this ‘Substance Point’ within us. Another cool view about this ‘Substance Point’ is that it is in the deepest within us ALL, and it is ONE. Therefore it is here that we are ONE and Equal.

The ‘Substance Points’ are interconnected, you can say there is only one ‘Substance Point’ within and as this physical existence, and it exists within each ‘atom’ and within each ‘body’. There is nothing that this ‘Substance Point’ doesn’t exist in, it’s there in the depth of it ALL.

An atom, a drop of water, an ocean, a human, in everything, this ‘Substance Point’ exist. Therefore everything that we ever accepted and allowed within us throughout time, gets imprinted on this ‘Substance Point’, in this we influence ALL by what we allow within us, because of that ‘Substance Point’ is SAME, ONE, EQUAL.

I need to listen to that interview again, I already listen to it 2 times. Need to hear it again and again, until the message about ‘Substance Point’ sink into me very clearly.  I mean these are really deep stuff, not for the faint heart, these are real shit that no other talks about, only at desteni you will find such real shit. This is not just knowledge and information, this is real ‘realization’. The amazing thing is ever since I listened to that interview, I am sensing ‘yes there is something like this Substance Point connecting us ALL’;  it’s no more a knowledge but a very faint sense of actual realization. Very cool indeed. That’s why I have to listen to this again and again.

Thank you the great white shark, you hit a home run with this interview, awesome shit. I am feeling a strange kind of happiness since I heard about that ‘Substance Point’, wow, we are ONE hence equal at the depths of our being. So what I do to me, I do unto another, and likewise, what I do to another, I do unto me. FUCK, this is the coolest shit you will ever find on this earth. SO get it, learn it, live it.

And please dont’ ask me what is this thing called ‘Substance’. It must be you, life.  join us:




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