Day 429 – get physical, get out of the mind. Yoga is cool.


Being in the head too much can be very depressing. Physical activity can help in this. Running, walking, swimming, biking, any thing sports, done regularly can assist to get rid of some those accumulated mind energies. It helps to get into the body. Lack of exercise can easily bring up other issues. I can see it my life, there is a certain constant heaviness I am carrying within myself, I see lack of physical activities, excessive thinking, as reasons. I am so much in the head, I feel resistance to going even the slightest physical work, because it will take me away from the mind. And diet is another silent factor, it can contribute to mind swings.

Generally speaking, I have to start a physical routine, even something like yoga, done regularly can bail me out of the lethargy I am finding myself in. It seems like just thinking is what I like to do, and anything else is resisted. SO where is the LIVING? AM I living or what? just working, making money, eating, sleeping, thinking is not enough. Have to physically move, have to get on with some physical/sports activities. I certainly don’t like this constant companion I have around, this subtle heaviness I feel that seems to ‘hold’ me down. Obviously I am allowing this, accepting it, so the question is why? and what I am going to do to end this? physical activity is a good start. Sitting in front of the computer all day is not the way to live. Have to move my ass.  currently there is the feeling I am not living my life to the max, just floating around, not cool.  physical activity is a great start.

Some writing is needed on this, to plan it out, to write it out, to scrip a new way, how to get out of the head/mind, how to improve diet, how to create balance, start yoga, obviously not to seek some spiritual enlightenment, but as a physical self support. Breathing is key to get out of the head and be in the physical.

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