Day 430: My self-writing is a gift to others as well.


Day number 430, its cool, but I should keep a track of the number of days I have missed as well, I think I must have missed like 75+ days, that means, a whole bunch of days, I have accepted and allowed various excuses to take over me, some days yes I just couldn’t make it, and that’s fine.

Writing daily means, I must write everyday, missing a day here and there is not acceptable, because they pile up eventually really fast indicating a growing lack of commitment. True, I also have a personal blog going, some days I write there as well, this is like my public blog, but I have made a commitment to write daily here.  Writing daily is a commitment in which I must show that I am walking to correct myself, it is also an invitation to people out there to join us, so its important I stick to this daily writing commitment, I mean if I only write here and there, even my readers may start to wonder hence may lose interest in this process altogether.

So self-writing daily is not just an act of responsibility to myself, it is also an act of responsibility I have towards others as this assist them to see/realize and understand their process to life. Birthing life through the physical is a gift to ALL, so all and everyone must start their journey to life as soon as they can, and for this it is my responsibility/contribution to write my own blog daily. I write for me, and for others at the same time, as no human being must be denied the gift to life through the physical. Hence my self-writing daily is a gift, a commitment to others as well.

Join us:



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