Day 434 – Start writing to change the world.

Internet is the global mind consciousness, its a point where one must penetrate with commonsense; and that’s what I do and the desteni group does, we write and share our own individual processes on the internet, sort of penetrating the global mind. Reaching out, sharing and spreading. Therefore I see/realize how important it is to write and share everyday. Once Bernard said “leave 10,000 documents and 10,000 videos before you die”, so that the next person can take it from there, meaning, many can take it from there, from the global consciousness. Changing the world is a big job, I mean, its so big, its sounds like a joke when speaking of changing the world, but with desteni, changing the world is serious business, its our core objective, but done through a very simple method, by CHANGING THE HUMAN.

I must change for the world to change. I write for me to change, and the world to change. Bring awareness through writing, both developing self awareness and by sharing it assisting others to develop their own self awareness. Because end of the day, THE SYSTEM is the humans. I mean there is no ENTITY called the SYSTEM, it is us, the humans, we are the system. You could say, THE SYSTEM has become the human, or the human has become the system.

So important to write, important to breathe, and important to realize every breath is a moment of change, self-change and be an agent to change the world, every conversation is a chance to penetrate a mind, to plant a seed, and that’s real support, they will take it from there, perhaps years down the road.

Tonight I was chit-chatting with a friend at a coffee shop, and he seems rather pathetically given up on this world system, and I dont’ blame him, because the system is so fucked up, one feels why even bother. When we resign with “why even bother”, it gives the system more life, it lives ON. So obviously giving up is not the solution. And fighting the system is NOT the solution, you must be successful within the system to be of any use. Nobody listen to homeless hobos.

So come out of the closet, and share your writings, investigate solutions, study desteni, take part in our courses for self-change, learn how be in the body, its a process, you have to learn to undo the shit you carry within yourself. Its a journey to life, a journey from the MIND TO BODY from heaven to earth. are you ready? So internet is awesome, its the global mind consciousness, by sharing the writings, slowly but surely the commonsense will reach many MINDs, and that’s will strengthen the journey to life walkers. we are the group for life, for all life, and that starts with writing to change self.

join us:


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