Day 437 – “No momentum to write” – nice excuse.


Today I heard the words “I have no momentum to write again”, this is an interesting excuse, I mean, I can relate to this, as “I have no momentum to make vlogs”. Though writing and video-making are different animals, the momentum point is related to both. Not having the momentum means, we are waiting for some magical feeling to get us going, instead of self-movement.

I direct myself to write, something, anything, everyday. (that’s self directed writing, no need for momentum). Likewise “I direct myself to make videos everyday,” has no momentum as such, simple decision, direction, a willingness. Momentum is something you can gain as you go along, but you don’t need it to start the activity.

So many excuses, all kinds of excuses, various magical excuses, some real and some non-real excuses to NOT participate in the daily activity of self-writing. I think I have covered more or less all of the excuses to avoid writing, and I still struggle with daily writing, it is not as easy it looks, nor do I have a great momentum to carry on writing daily. Its something I must do, and I will do, give that little slot of time for self-reflection, self-writing. I mean easy to come up with so many excuses, even tonight, its nearly 1AM now, I was about hit the bed, giving the excuse “its way too late for the day now”, well, it is late, but I have one thing to do before I retire for the night, just get this blog out for the day, and its about excuses, funny thing is even after 400+ days of writing, I can still come up with excuses for not writing for the day. The trick is to write something, anything, and get on with it.

So suggestion to this  “I have no momentum to write” excuse is, simple, just write about “I have no moment to write”. Shit scary how the mind works, you can use it as its own medicine. Cool, that’s it for tonight, and yes its past 1AM, I better retire now, breathing, writing, being in the body, looking at excuses, and pushing through them.

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