Day 438 – Start working on yourself. Study desteni.

A long day today. I had a strong tendency to blame, as emotions the painful ones were holding me for a long time, rather I was allowing it hold me down for a long time. I tried my best to get rid of it, no avail, only solution is to just get on with the physical activities or just breathe, certainly sitting around and just thinking is of no cure. I recall doing a lot of breathing, as if breathing right into the chest area. During that times, I saw how much I wanted to blame and say nasty shit to someone, not cool. Thank god I didn’t’ go there, but the tendency was strong, so though blame was craving to come out, I held it at bay, can call it an extensive emotional possession.

well this is the journey to life, dealing with the inner demons and out demons, because the outer is the inner, we created the world as who we are. I mean, had I allowed my inner pain-blame to direct myself today, I am sure I would have created some unpleasant consequence for myself, as within, so without. simple formula, so the solution is to work out the inner, and yes simultaneously work on the outer demons as well, like Capitalism for example which is raping the earth by the minute. But the journey starts with self, by first clearing out the nasty shit that exists within, the inner demons. I have a long way to go on that, so join us, start working on your inner shit, study desteni.

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