Day 474 – Ideas are useless without accumulative actions.

‘The Life and Death of an Idea’ interview by is awesome, as always wonderful insights, and practical tips. I learned that Ideas are not enough, they must become reality, actions, implementations, at least daily contributions to accumulate ideas into eventual results.

I mean if you look at the life of Hon. Nelson Mandela, at a time when things were not so great in SA, he stood up for something firmly with principles, yes many a times he stood alone, and his journey was not without obstacles, but he kept onto his principles and stuck to his objectives, and certainly he got something done for SA. I don’t want to turn the man into a saint here, but certainly his WILL to stand, yes all alone paid off. I mean he didn’t give the excuse “Oh I am just one lonely black man, how can I get this done”, etc, instead he stood up.

Not everyone is in a position/place like Mandela or require such ‘great’ things to be done. Not everyone is required to be a rebel or revolutionary or a general or a president; not everyone needs to be a so-called great person, BUT everyone must take their own VOICE seriously. I must take my voice, my contributions, my standings, my writings, my speaking, my commitment, my principles, my positions/understandings SERIOUSLY, and in that I share what I realize with others. My commitment to life, to birth a world that is best for all, is something I must take seriously and SHARE, learn, participate, ACT, accumulate the acts etc, and not just turn ‘what is best for all’ into some IDEA.

Ideas die as seen in the very sound of the word with the person who got the idea, so it is important not to just carry shit load of Ideas and never actually do anything to make them become a reality. Standing alone is not an excuse, cannot be an excuse, I mean look at people like Mandela or even Gandhi, they stood ALONE, yes later on others followed them, joined them etc, but THEY STOOD ALONE, all along, till they achieved their set goals. Morale of the story is each VOICE is a FORCE, each being is a force, I am a force, only if I act to turn my ideas into reality. If I only live as Ideas then that’s all I am, just a bag full of ideas that will die with me, nothing more.

SO time to look at my life, and see how I am living just like a bag full of ideas, and what are my ideas, and what is that I am doing to ‘act’ on them, how am I accumulating everyday to turn my ideas into reality, what are my personal and group activities to get these IDEAS into reality? Just talking about ‘what is best for all’ is not good enough, I must accumulate acts so that someday these ideas will become a reality. Of course it will take time, I mean when Mandela was sent to 27 years in Jail, he didn’t enter the cell first day with a plan to become the first black president of South Africa, he simply day by day stuck to his positions, principles. I mean imagine in one of those nights out of sheer frustration in that lonely confined cell he could have desperately ended his personal misery, the authorities would have gladly disposed his body silently, as nobody would have questioned the acts of desperation in such unbearable isolation for 27 years long years, but Mandela kept to his principles, day in day out, never wavered, and never gave up on himself, alone he stood, walked through 27 years into freedom and presidency. Finally he died as a free man.

What he has achieved of course is debatable specially given the current state of affairs in SA, but nobody can denied he took the steps to end the wall of segregation, all that is because he STOOD firmly, in commitment to his principles all through the painful years. He turned his ideas into reality.

Stand firmly in your positions, principles, act daily to accumulate as they over time will bring the results. And above all, never assume that one person cannot be a FORCE. Each person is the force, and use that force to stand firmly and ac-cumulatively. Otherwise your bag full of ideas will DIE with you. Mandela’s bag was empty when he died, as had acted all along to get them implemented. Same with Gandhi, he acted, emptied his bag full of ideas.

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