Day 477 – My role in creating: Group Power

the purpose of lifeI always wondered how immigrants having been in Canada not too long managed to boast ‘success’ so much? In very broad terms you can see in cities like Toronto immigrants are doing well, obviously there are those who are not doing well also. What I noticed within my own Sri-Lankan Tamil community is, their success is by and large a result of group power. Here group power comes from larger extended families and other support bases within the Tamil community. And these networks have been beneficial, I mean there is no free lunch as such, but if you’re willing to pay for lunch, you can always find a good deal through and within the trusted community links, that’s power in a world where right information at the right time can help seal a deal, or find a job.

When you’re new to Canada, you will really appreciate these well-connected ethnic networks that help you to get by, get assimilated, get successful quickly. 25 years ago it was difficult to find a Tamil doctor in the city, nowadays no such shortage, even Tamil funeral homes are there to provide cheap way to send the dead home. But areas like mental health, depression, alcoholism, family-abuse, child-abuse, these type of things not much spoken within the community, and I don’t think the so-called group-power has been very sympathetic to people who suffer.

Obviously the one thing that has created this group-power is the need to survive, hence self-interest, I don’t think there is any real care for one and another within the community, we all want to survive and be successful in a foreign land, so we become a group-force-power.  The isolated ones, the losers within the community are left alone, neglected, as no community support or no real leadership is there to address these neglected issues, and these guys might even end up breaking the laws giving Tamil immigrants a ‘bad’ name, lol.

This is not an ethnic-social analysis, I am merely interested in the concept of group-power when bunch of diverse individuals come together united by a set of principles. I am interested in finding out how we can apply the same group-power ‘connections/links’ to support the ONE group called LIFE. I know one thing for sure, as the group-power grows, connections grow, the outcome will grow as well, pretty easy to see that, but as alone, one may find it difficult to take on the system. This is why effective personal agreements and group agreements can really help the individuals and the group. We are not into this to find the best deals out there or on how to find a job etc, this is not about deal-making, this is about effectively sharing, introducing the desteni tools and information to as many as possible so that humanity/LIFE can survive as a whole; for this, we need group-power, so that the tinny desteni group we are now, can slowly but sure expand, grow.

First and foremost, individual standing is the key, I mean my commitment to this process, to the overall objective of this process is something I must show, commit daily. Everyday I must act, produce stuff that accumulate. I must ‘like’ what others do, their blogs, share them, comment on them etc. I must share my perspective/comments on other posts on FB, give my perspective on things, bit of common sense for others to pick up.  Basically, for the desteni group power to expand, I must expand, likewise everyone must expand. There are number of projects, pages, forums, commitments, but I have not been effectively participating in all, but whatever the few things I do, I must do it properly and regularly, and I must expand on it. And do FB-chats with those who have some interest in desteni materials, sort of giving them some support here on FB; the thing is we cannot preach desteni stuff to others like how the religious folks do, all we can do is share, make it available, blog, vlog, comment, chat, things like that.

Fortunately, desteni has got awesome materials, videos, interviews, blogs, courses, free courses, I mean, we got ample gifts for mankind, we can fill so many Christmas trees with so many gifts, we are never short of materials, we have got plenty, and more coming as we speak. Now it is a matter of spreading them far and wide, for many to learn/study/discover the desteni message, as this is very important, it is the destiny of mankind. We are taking responsibility for ALL, and for ourselves, and this has never been done before, all other group-powers are about survival/self-interest, desteni is about the interest of LIFE.

so here are few things I must do regularly:

I commit myself to write daily to walk my Journey to life.

I commit myself to post/share my blogs for a wider readership.

I commit myself to tag all my blogs properly.

I commit myself to share eqafe interviews as they come.

I commit myself to do techo-tutor on a regular basis.

I commit myself to keep up the DIP work load and not miss weekly DIP chats.

I commit myself to hear Bernard’s videos daily and actually learn from him.

I commit myself to hear/listen to eqafe interviews and actually learn from them.

I commit myself to like and share all other desteni blogs daily.

I commit myself to read at least few desteni blogs daily, this is to support myself first and foremost.

I commit myself to read Bernard’s Journey to Life early blog entries, his Self-forgiveness blogs.

I commit myself to realize that if I don’t expand, desteni as a group cannot expand, as ONE by ONE expands, desteni as a group will expand.

One thing that has been on my mind for a while now is how to bring the desteni materials to the Tamil community in Toronto, I believe equality is something they will like instantly, after all, there was a war for 30 years for equal rights, so equality is nothing new to the Tamil people. This is an area I have to do some research and penetrate the community so to speak. But I must approach them from a deal-making perspective, it must give them a deal, a winning edge in their lives, it should help them survive better, so I am thinking: DIP LITE course is my suggestion, its FREE after all, and it will ground you firmly here to take on any challenge, so this is something I must look into, bring into the Tamil resources/community links etc. I have to take on this action item.

This is how desteni group power will expand, as individuals expand and as connections expand in our lives where we can penetrate/introduce the desteni materials specially the FREE ones through our personal connections.

Here is a bit of motivation: 7 billion humans in this world, shouldn’t be that difficult to have 1000 people walking their journey to life daily; wouldn’t that be awesome, and the noise of that one thousand can easily bring in lot more. For this, I am committed to walking my own journey to life.

Join us. – Participate in Forums or Search the Vast Desteni Material

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