Day 482: “I am gonna tell God everything”

boyThose were the last words of a 3-year-old Syrian boy before he died as a war-victim. I was very touched and moved by this image, his expression, total helplessness, agony of physical pain. And out of his utter despair as he cling to his life, to his final breath, he says “I am gonna tell God everything”. It is like the deepest cry of this child, as he realized that something is deeply fucked up about this world, and that’s why “I am dying” so “I am going to tell God everything” because I cannot tell everything to the warring adults to STOP this fucking bullshit war, all wars.

Wow, I am ashamed as a human being walking on this earth, that we have allowed and accepted so much terror, that even a child on his final breath says out of utter disgust with humanity “I am gonna tell God everything”.

But humans, you are the GOD of this Earth, You can decide when to pull the trigger, you can decide when to STOP pulling the trigger. You can decide when to start a war, or to STOP a war. This child is screaming at you, yelling at you, begging from you, because he has got something to tell, and “he is going to tell everything to YOU/GOD”. You better listen to this child. You better very attentively listen to this child, because it is utterly serious. A child should never die a death like this, in fact nobody should die like this. We allow this, we accept this.

Obviously this is not just about this kid, this is about all LIFE, everything that is being abused now. This kid is showing the face of abuse, as he is suffering at the hands of so-called adults who have justified all wars some even in the name of God.

This is totally fucked up shit. So I suggest a remedy: study the desteni message, learn the tools, slowly but surely become aware of things, learn to care, then someday yes we will together STOP all wars forevermore. But nothing will ever happen if you, the GOD of this Earth, won’t move to STUDY the desteni message, the solutions.

Positive thinking is NOT going to help. Love and Light is not going to help here. Praying is not going to help. We need humans learning the desteni message, tools and taking self-responsibility for themselves and for this world. Only then this world will change, because YOU have changed.

So GOD of this Earth, listen to this child, and pleas act.

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