day 486: “You can live in poverty, but you cannot live without water”

waterPlease read this for context: The water crises in Egypt.

Cairo is experiencing a serious problem with water crises, yet the affluent suburbia is doing perfectly fine, while the corrupt rich is getting richer and the poor living in areas like downtown Cairo is living in a hell, a water hell, due to lack of water and related necessities of life. And who would have not guessed it, the IMF has some hand in this massive robbery of the Egyptian people, as the IMF enforced the government to privatize water, as a way to pay back the loans, and to make things efficient, to run the water system as a profit-based system. I mean, here you have all the elements of disaster, profit-making, the IMF, corrupt local officials, overseas venture capitalists, the local elitists mostly the cronies of the past Mubarak regime.

It is generally believed that the so-called world peace is missing because of overseas big players, and their influences in local policies, but the reality is there is already deeply rooted local corruption to begin with, which merely exploited by the external forces, even the IMF can only do its dirty tricks via the local bad guys like Mubarak. So here lies the mother of all evils, the corruption of the locals. And this is true in every country, corruptions run deep in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri-Lanka, you name it, then it is nicely exploited by the external forces like the IMF.

We have a massive clean up job to do, the world is indeed in peril driven the elitists. But how would you go by to clean this mess? yet another revolution? absolutely not. another war? not at all. another Arab spring? useless.

A profound transformation of self, first and foremost, then one by one, as the group for life grows, locally and globally, we will be able to actually fix such problems like the water crises the citizens of Cairo are facing today. As is, there is no solution whatsoever, as every corrupt official is looking to make a quick buck out of the situation, and you can’t blame them either, as everyone is only looking to survive at any cost in the system.

Water crises in a land, of course there is no rain, but you got the Nile river, which in common sense would mean there should be ample water for everyone in Egypt. But greed got in the way trying to make things more efficient and profit-driven. The rape of life, that’s exactly what we are doing to each other.

Join us, be a force to fix this world because the cronies like the IMF or the UN, or even the Presidents won’t do anything, because they all belong to one elitist global club, so we have to be the force for change: BUT Remember we are the majority. – Participate in Forums or Search the Vast Desteni Material

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