Day 495: Can’t change the world without changing Your MIND.

self-forgivenessI was listening to a cool interview from, by Anu himself speaking about changing the world. He is pretty clear that you cannot change the world unless the human minds are changed simultaneously. The world system is actually locked down into the minds of the humans. The humans are the carriers of the world system.  So no amount of protest or even preaching about what’s wrong with the world is going to do a thing. This I can relate to, because back then before desteni, I have heard about the world problems, like war situations, world hunger, the profit driven abuses of the banks, child labor, sex trade, I mean the normal list of terror that goes on in this world, I am sure I must have heard something about them before desteni, but never ever took a step to investigate or even consider solutions about them.

WHY? Because I wasn’t doing anything to change the structural design of my mind, whereas now walking this desteni process of self-forgiveness has ‘opened’ something where I can actually see solutions and sense that I am part of the problem, as I accept and allow the world system within me. I see I am the world system, there is no one out there to fight against. So it’s vital to first walk the process to self-change, I mean otherwise you will be stuck like those green peace activists and do things from a ‘battle’ perspective but never ever really change anything, including yourself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to separate myself from the world system, not seeing/realizing I am the world system, it exists, lives in me as me. Until I start the process to self-change I cannot be a voice to change the world.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to battle against the world systems, not seeing/realizing in that I am only strengthening the world systems.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize changing the world starts with me, by me changing the nature of myself, by walking the desteni process of self-forgiveness. There is no other way. Prayer will not change me or the world; meditation will not change me or the world.

It’s a twin process, as I walk my own self-change; I also study/investigate the world problems and solutions. The inner reflects in the outer. After self-change we don’t go to heaven or declare self-enlightenment, we buckle down and change this earth, this world into a place that is best for all, structurally and practically.

So if you’re serious about what’s going in this world, and there is something in you yearning for solutions, then, start your desteni process, study the materials, start your readings/writings.

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