Day 498: Be your own lie detector

writeI listened to some old interviews by Bernard Poolman, it was very nice to revisit them again. I commit myself to listen to at least one of the videos by Bernard daily, this is a must. Bernard is so awesome, I mean just listening to him, it brings ‘something’ out of you, I suppose you get to hear some awesome common sense. Well too bad he ‘left us’ early, but his numerous videos and writings are here, so use them to change yourself. Bernard has a way of saying things that does a magic.

Tonight I heard a very fascinating comment from him, “self-forgiveness is useless if you don’t direct yourself to actually change”. That’s cool to hear, I mean, its common sense, through self-forgiveness the self must CHANGE, in fact. Self-forgiveness is not a prayer, it’s a self-realization point, and a point of self-change. I realize this is a process, I realize I am only deceiving myself if I don’t actually act to change myself. Self-forgiveness won’t change me, I must change myself, self-forgiveness is only a tool that facilitates change, but the real-physical change must come from me. And another point I heard today was, “your change must also result in changing the world”, I mean otherwise change is just spiritual where you change yourself but let the world goes to the dogs, while you bask yourself in the glory of self-perfection and imagine a wonderful life here and in the hereafter, which is total bullshit.

This is a cool thing about desteni, change is a twin process, for the self and for the world, walked simultaneously, very clearly indicating that there cannot be ‘separation’. If you look at any spiritual group out there, all of them busy running away from the world, hiding in the comfort and pretending to be self-perfecting. Buddha by running away into the jungle he never gained self-perfection that turned this world into what is best for all, he only attained self-perfecting in hiding (inside his own mind). Spirituality is not the answer, as separation is not the answer.

I direct myself to be aware that self-change must be real, self-forgiveness must be real so that I actually ‘change’.

I commit myself to remind myself that self-forgiveness is not a prayer, it’s a point of self-realization, where I see the points for myself, where I need to work on, become self-honest with them etc. The point of realization is important. I must realize in my words I speak as self-forgiveness. It’s not a blind Arabic alien chant that nobody understands. A sense of realization, sense of direction is important.

I realize this is a process, a journey from self-dishonesty to self-honesty, but it is no excuse to allow ‘fall’, hence dedication to realness matters. I mean, wtf, who will I be cheating otherwise?

Self-honesty is priceless, for everything else there are religions. So this process is about becoming self-honest.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not see/realize I must be accountable, self-honest, and committed to change in my words of forgiving myself.  Writing or reading words are not prayers like in a mosque or church, here words matter and words must be points of realizations.

Self-honesty is the key.

join us: start your process, learn to catch your lies, be your own lie detector. Become self-honest. I am glad I am walking this process, with all my fucked-up-ness, I am glad I am walking this path, it’s not pretty seeing your own shit, but that’s where self-honesty begins. The more I walk, the more self-shit I see.

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