day 509: Step by step

the purpose of lifeI often say this line, step by step or breath by breath. But what does it mean? It doesn’t mean slowing down or neglecting, to me, it means dedication to get things done, but one thing at a time, one point at a time. Still have to get all things done and all points investigated, but viola, one at a time. Tendency to rush, to over-complicate things is not self-supportive, along with a dose of guilt to spice things up in the mind.

First you over-complicate things and then feel bad for doing so, and feel even more bad for not finishing anything. So step by step is another way of saying don’t pile up small things into a mountain and then give up, rather deal with each small thing, and so get all things done. I mean all things must get done, there is no way out of it. But how can you do it without attending to the small things, getting small steps done.

Be it changing the world, or finishing up an assignment, or getting a project done at work, I realize, I have to get the small things done, and those steps accumulate. I was talking to some folks from Afghanistan today, listening to them, it seems the worsening situation in their country is beyond any hope, and then I told myself, step by step, let’s get the desteni message to one person in Afghanistan and that’s the first step to do. When Bernard started his process, he was the only one doing it, there was nobody before him to set the path, also he didn’t give up thinking ‘how can I change the world alone, only me walking this process’. My dedication to my own process is very important, this is something I overlook at times, I have a tendency to preach/coach etc, which is ok but cannot be done at the expense of my own responsibilities. Sometimes I deliberately chat with others so that I don’t’ have to attend to my writings or other responsibilities. Preaching is a nice excuse to avoid taking self-responsibilities.

As for my afghan friends, yes the road is long, but not to worry, solutions are coming, as and when folks from within your own country stand up with common sense. To become despondent and hopeless is useless, its like giving up on my own self. I commit myself to not give up on myself, I commit myself to walk my own process and within this I commit myself to share the desteni message so that someday we can birth a world that is best for all.

But it all starts with step by step. So don’t feel depress, down, or despondent when the going get tough, simply return to the basic steps of walking your own process first. The domino effect works nice in this too, like creating a ripple effect with every step you take. Cool.   

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